Wanna know the truth about politics? You can’t handle the truth.

Whether you’re a democrat or a republican the truth is that you support a set of beliefs and are willing to fight for them, but what if I told you that no one was fighting for you?

I often think back to when I was a fresh-faced 16 year-old.  I thought that I was the smartest person on the planet, and I especially thought I was smarter than anyone in my High School.  Oh, the bad things I used to do.  I only did those bad things because I was allowed to get away with them.  Going out, getting drunk, having sex were all things that felt good to me, and I never worried about getting in trouble.  I always managed to get away from it because I led a charm offensive.  I knew, early on, that I had a mother that loved me.  I also knew that it was hard for my mother to stay mad at me simply due to the fact that I spent 9 months inside my mother.  Isn’t that how we all begin our stays on Earth?  The punishment was never worse than the feeling of gratification I had when doing all the bad things I did in life.  However, as I grew a little older and a little wiser I realized that all of the bad things that I have done can lead to some very severe consequences.  Consequences that would not involve me trying to sneak into the house without my mothers knowledge, because I would be dead due to a drunk driving accident or I would be in jail.  Over time, priorities change.  People move on to college, marriage, careers, and growing their own families.  In growing their own families, they often try to learn from their own mistakes.  As much as we say we will never be our parents, there comes a time when that moment happens.

So, what does this have to do with politics?

I decided to stop my reckless behavior because I, very deep down inside, value life.  I enjoy the freedom to do whatever I want without people telling me what to do.  That sounds rational, right? What if someone rewarded me for my bad behavior?  What if someone gave me $1,000 for every bad thing I did.  Would I value my life more than the money?  What if someone gave me millions of dollars in favors, money and lavish outings for my bad behavior?  What if I was a politician and was faced with all these people giving me all these extravagant things.  Would I ever want to leave this job?

The average politician makes $200,000 a year.  They get a salary, healthcare, lifetime retirement pensions, food all paid for by the taxpayers.  Back in the day, politicians used to raise millions of dollars by small dollar donors.  Now, with the Superpacs, they don’t really need the small time donors.  They have billionaires and special interest groups donating a bulk of that money into their campaign coiffures. These truths go for both parties.

How many times do liberals cheer when Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders jump up and down for restoring the middle-class?  How many times do conservatives jump up and down when Paul Ryan or Rick Santorum say they don’t believe in abortion even in the cases of rape or incest?  Whether or not you jump up or down, the politicians don’t care about the issues.  They care about your money, and the more of your money they can get then the more crazy or smart things they will say.

This past week the activists are out for marriage equality.  During this past presidential election activists were pushing for women’s reproductive rights, minority voting rights, rights for immigrants, and I was thinking to myself…really?

We live in the year 2013 and we’re still fighting for the things that we won as far back as 60 years ago.  We’re having to fight for women’s reproductive rights, gays rights, immigrant rights, blacks rights and I’m thinking where is the fight for human rights?  Aren’t we all humans?

The sad fact is that all the things we are fighting for now we will be fighting 30, 40, 60 years from now.  If you think Wall Street is corrupt now, just wait.  If you’re one that thinks welfare and food stamps are the biggest frauds plaguing this Country, don’t be surprised when you have to live on it sometime in the future.  

I have often said that people who donate to charities are idiots, and that is the reason why we will never have a cure for cancer, HIV/AIDS,…herpes.  There is no reward in finding a cure, because these institutions make billions of dollars a year.  And as long as we have people and special interest groups donating money to these “crazy” or “communist”  politicians we will never solve this nations problems.  We will continue to have more mass shootings.  We will continue to have higher amounts of drug crimes.  We will continue to class people into racial groups.  We will continue to see the 1% rake in all the money at the hands of the 99%.  This will all happen while we are all shouting at each other and not holding the politicians responsible.