14,965 days

I have been on this Earth for exactly 14,965 days and I am still trying to figure out human behavior.  What makes certain people stick out more than others?  I have always said that we are just a sea of nobodies vying for the attention of other nobodies.  Some would say that is a pretty harsh observation, but sometimes some of the harshest things end up to be the truth.  For me, I see it at the grocery store.  I’ll be waiting at the checkout line.  Three people will be in front of me, and the cashier will greet each one with a , “hello…did you find everything you’re looking for?  Thank you, come again”  However, when it’s my turn I don’t get a greeting.  I’m not writing this to get some sort of pity, but I’m trying to understand why some people act the way they act.  Better yet, why the decide to act the way that they act.

We have a legal system in The United States in which the prosecutor puts on his/her case.  The defense puts on his/her case.  The judge acts as a referee for what the prosecution can or cannot say–or enter into evidence, and the jury sifts through all that information to render a verdict.  Regardless of the jury verdict, the only person that has any “skin in the game” is the defendant.  If the defendant has a lot of money they can get away.  If the defendant doesn’t have any money, and has to rely on a public defender, chances are not so great for them.  If the defendant is a pretty woman chances are pretty good for her.  Over time, this flawed system has the potential to drastically change the landscape of this Country.  African-Americans only make up 13.6% of the population, but 1 out of 11 African-Americans sit behind bars in America.  1 out of 45 Caucasian males sit behind bars, and 1 out of 89 women sit behind bars.  The statistical analysis for poverty follow the same trend. So, if we solve the poverty problem then we will solve the crime problem?  But poor people don’t vote.

In addition to trying to figure out why people act the way they act I also wonder why people are stupid.  The answer to that question is most people get their news from cable news outlets.  Cable news models themselves after our legal system.  For starters they have a host.  The host poses a question for two guests.  One guest takes one side of the position, and the other guest takes the other side, and the viewers serve as the jury.  However, there is a twist.  If the viewers don’t like what they are watching they can simply change the channel.  This action creates a void, and if a network is smart enough they can fill that void by catering programming specific to their needs.


Let’s face it, we are a nation of stupid.  FOX News is deliberate in everything they do and say.  Their viewers are the ones that would sentence a person with a minor possession misdemeanor with the death penalty.  They are also the ones that think that if they get really close to the television they can see up Gretchen Carlson’s skirt.  There is no doubt that FOX is a ratings juggernaut, but that’s because there is a void that no other network wants to fill.  The truth is that the “lamestream” media will continue to be lame.  The truth is that the media will try really hard to dumb down America so they can be able to control Americans.