The Absence Of A Counterlever


I look at this petty war waged against democrats and republicans and think that we are the ones that should wage war against the democrats and republicans that we elect to serve us.  We vote these politicians in to office to serve our best interest, but the fact is that they do not serve our best interest.  Our education system is a joke, wages are stagnant, corporate profits are through the roof, the stock market has hit an all time high, banks are more profitable than they ever have, rent is through the roof, food is toxic, our environment is toxic, illegal immigrants are suppressing wages and the vast majority of people vote against their own interests. When will we reach a point of saying “enough is enough”?

We have been conditioned to think that the key to success is graduating college.  College is the dream of many parents for their children.  Sadly, it is also a wedge issue used to shame people who don’t have a college degree.  The guy/gal working behind the counter at Mc Donalds is looked down upon.  They are looked down upon without anyone ever knowing their circumstances.  Many behind that counter are viewed as stupid or poor.  Many do not even care to ask, and if asked–the person behind that counter will tell you that they are working this job to pay for college.  At least, that used to be the case.  Sadly, many of the people working these minimum wage jobs are using that income to provide for their families.  There is no way I would be able to survive off of $7.25 an hour, but that is the normal for many millions of Americans.  Funny how the politicians don’t get it.  The same millionaire politicians who beg for millions of dollars to run their campaigns for a job that pays thousands of dollars.  Now do you know why politicians are all millionaires?  Once elected, these politicians use their office to cut spending on essential infrastructure plans due to a “lack of money”.  Once again, these are the politicians who have no problem raising millions and even billions of dollars to run for an office that pays thousands.  We are forced to live with an infrastructure system of rail, water and a highway system that was built for the conditions of the twentieth century.

We’re at a point in which the cost of goods and services are skyrocketing while wages are stagnating, and this is not a sustainable path for growth.  If we don’t have a substantial counter-lever in this Country we will be fucked, and continue to be fucked in this Nation for years to come.

The meme running around in the media is that women get paid less than men, and women are responsible for 40% of all the income earned in the household.  I don’t see it that way.

Women in the military get paid the same as men in the military.  Women school teachers get paid the same as male school teachers.  A female Walmart cashier makes the same as a male Walmart cashier and they will continue to make the same amount of money until they starve to death.

If the cost for goods and services are going up.  If the price of homes and apartments are going up.  If the price of fuel is going up.  If the price of education and healthcare are going up how are we to to live?  

This is a serious issue facing America, and many Americans don’t see it coming.  We focus on the day to day things that the media wants us to focus on.  They want us to focus on these things so we can spend our time calling the other side stupid.  Wake the fuck up!  We are not stupid!

If we don’t push for strong labor unions in this Country then put your head between your legs.  If you think the economy was bad in 2008 talk to me in 2016, because we will have to go through another recession in 2016.  We will go through a recession every three years in this Country until we hit a 20 year depression.  Hyperbole? I think not.  This is the truth, and we are being cleverly distracted.

The wealthy will continue to get wealthy.  The poor will continue to get poorer,  The middle-class will be obsolete.  However, when will be the point in time when people wake the fuck up and take back the power?  Politicians and activists are focusing on women’s reproductive rights. Why? It’s because every time they focus on these wedge issues it distracts Americans from the real issue.  We are not the greatest Country in the World.

We just celebrated the 4th of July, the birth of this nation.  However, why is it so hard to buy an American flag that is made in America??? As a veteran this is very important to me.  I didn’t serve my Country so I could serve under a flag that was made by a bunch of Chinese workers in a sweat shop under horrible conditions.

Politicians keep talking about the “war on the middle-class”.  Well, how about the war on the blue-collar worker?  We live in a Country in which the most educated person has to rely on the least educated person to navigate through the internet.  What the fuck do they teach at Harvard anyway???

This Country doesn’t need more lawyers.  We need more plumbers, roofers, contractors, machinists, mechanics, truck drivers, engineers, entrepreneurs, IT specialists.  Not everyone is cut out for college.  Not every politician is out to serve the people, and all lawyers are scum.  With that said, we really need to stop fighting with each other.

 As a liberal, I feel that I have to reach out to the conservatives and remind them that they are being played just as hard as us liberals.  They are being played on their ideals just as liberals are being played with theirs–with a difference.  The conservatives always get what they want while the liberals always get a promise.  However, what they want is not what they really want.  Both of us are getting screwed.  It’s time to turn the tables on the power structure.  Conservatives want their Country back, and so do I.  I want to live in a Country when the generation after us prospers on the steps made by the previous generation.