These Assholes Always Get Away…

One of the most insightful tools we have, as humans, to estimate a persons character is through their actions in the form of words. Whenever I find myself in a fight with conservatives I often think to myself, “What a stupid fucking individual.” The problem with these thoughts is that over time they transform into spoken words. The thoughts transform into mumbling’s, which in turn transform into spoken words, which in turn have all the makings of transforming into actions. I have fought with hundreds of conservatives and my thoughts manifested themselves into words…loud, outspoken, very opinionated words. However, they haven’t turned into bold, demonstrative actions. I restrain myself from such because I fear going to prison. The prison system is full of other blacks, and I’m not going to be another one. I can attribute my lack of action to many things, but the most deciding factor is that I fear going to prison. This is a fear that can be attributed to hundreds of million people. However, does this fear make our thoughts go away?

When I’m not fighting with conservatives I’m often going to the grocery store. If a woman cuts me off at the checkout line I often say to myself, “bitch!”. If a mechanic overcharges me for fixing my car I’ll say to myself, “fucking cocksucker”. If I find myself rejected by a woman I like I often say to myself, “slut”. When I get cut off by a driver I feel the need to call them a “fucking asshole”. In and of itself, all of these words are derogatory terms we use to judge people. It doesn’t make me look bad. It just expresses my view of my treatment by another individual.

I watch a lot of political shows which means I yell at my television. Yelling at a certain politician that I don’t agree with doesn’t make sense, so I take my shouting match to social media. I don’t find it wrong to tweet Senator John McCain that he is a disgraceful piece of shit. That’s his problem, and it doesn’t reflect poorly on me. I’m not the self-serving asshole that chose to appear 18 times on 18 talk shows on one single day…fuck him. In this Country, you should receive stupidity thrown right back in your face. Don’t blame me for my stupid, insensitive remark–to your stupid, insensitive remark.

“These assholes always get away” is something that is very typical from a person who has been victimized by a certain group of people. It is very typical to say “These assholes always get away” when the homes and cars in your neighborhood have been burglarized by a certain group of people. That is not a reflection of the person saying those words. It reflects on the “assholes” that “always get away”. If I was faced in that situation I would move to a neighborhood that didn’t have assholes, but assholes exist everywhere. So, the main question is just what the fuck is an asshole? Is it a sphincter muscle used to excrete digested fecal matter, or is it a person that I really fucking hate? The person who cuts me off at the supermarket check out line isn’t a bitch because she’s a female dog. The mechanic that overcharges me on repairs isn’t a cocksucker because he sucks cock, and the conservative isn’t a fucking idiot…well?

I guess the real question should be who are the people who burglarize homes and rob cars in my neighborhood. More importantly, how would I act to these people when I’m at the brink. Words don’t have consequences. We all have rights afforded to us under the United States Constitution to protect us from that. However, there are laws that govern our actions. Actions have consequences, and it is through our actions that truly reflect who we are as individuals. So, excuse me. I have to go pick up my car from my mechanic so I can drive through traffic to go to the grocery store. Say a prayer for me America.


One thought on “These Assholes Always Get Away…

  1. Fear of being imprisoned has shackled you? Why should we say a prayer for you? Aren’t you the wise guy who knows that religious fanatics are praying to stone statues and not any divine being? What good are prayers anyway? We only have the rights under the United States Constitution when every citizen speaks out for their rights! We need to go out and demand our rights, and put in the spot light those denying the rights and equality of all citizens. Our commercial news media won’t bother fighting for the common man. They all want to sit by the aristocracy of wealthy power brokers, and won’t dare get them mad by exposing their larceny.

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