The Verdict Is In

hoodie Well, it has come to this. The verdict came in on The State of Florida vs. George M. Zimmerman. The jury rendered Trayvon Martin to be guilty of his own murder. To be honest, it is what I expected. This was simply a show trial from the beginning. For the people who think that this case was simply brought on by the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson Jr. and the NAACP you are wrong. Over two million people put pressure on the State of Florida to seek justice. All they wanted was to see George Zimmerman get arrested and go to trial. It happened, and he was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. Despite having a feeling in my gut that Zimmerman would be found not guilty I was holding out hope that the 6 women who sat on the jury would find compassion in their hearts to convict the man who shot Trayvon in cold blood. I have also learned, in all of my 41 years of life never to rely on my emotions. I am only to go with my gut.

I bring up the fact that this was a show trial–from the very beginning–because I, like many of you, watched the trial. I’m not going to waste my time on pointing out all the flaws in the trial. I’m not a legal talking head. This trial had nothing to do with George Zimmerman, and everything to do with the Second Amendment…a white person’s Second Amendment right. The State of Florida is heavily immersed in gun culture. This is nothing unique to Florida. It is one of many in The United States. A guilty verdict would have punished the same prosecutors in this case. A guilty verdict would have punished the jurors in this case. A guilty verdict would have angered the whites in Sanford, and those same whites in Sanford served on the jury.

This trial had nothing to do with George Zimmerman. This trial had everything to do with America. I can’t begin to tell you the sadness in my heart to see people that I thought were my friends on Twitter to boldly say that Trayvon Martin deserved to die because he was a thug. These same people found compassion in their hearts when the twenty young children who were brutally killed in Newtown, Connecticut–at the hands of a person who belonged to their race. These were the same people who were enraged when Casey Anthony was found not guilty for killing her own baby. These same people were shedding tears for little Cayley Anthony. They were not alone, because I shed those same tears. I expressed the same outrage. I am a human,after all.

During the Casey Anthony trial I never once heard anyone say that Cayley deserved to die because she was a bad daughter, I never heard anyone say that Caylee deserved to die because she was a thug, but I did see tweets that made Trayvon out to be a thug. These people managed to label Trayvon, President Obama and Eric Holder as thugs. Imagine that.

George Zimmerman won this first round, but there are many more to come. Make no mistake about it the civil suits are coming, and this time the Martin family will have attorney’s serving in the family’s own interest. They’ll also be very hungry for 1/3rd of the settlement money. And George Zimmerman will be emboldened to sue, as well. He is already suing NBC/Universal, and I hope he wins. All the money he wins will go to the Martin family when they win. George Zimmerman will have to constantly be looking over his shoulder. In many ways, the very same people that he profiled will now be profiling him. It’s not like George Zimmerman can walk in to Planet Fitness and get a gym membership. He is not likely to leave the Country, because he has the opportunity to milk his new super-star leader of the republican party status. Who knows, maybe he’ll run for president in 2016. Maybe he’ll be the next president of the NRA, or maybe he’ll be a police officer. He does have an ego, right?

I took this verdict very personally. I hoped that six people would see the dead body of a 17 year old and have a heart to convict, but they don’t care. African-Americans are just a piece of property that can be disposed of. African-Americans can be easily set-up to be rioters, looters, angry, hostile people. Make no mistake about it, black people are around and we will continue to be around. We’re used to be treated like property. We are used to being invisible. We are used to being visible, when it comes to the eyes of the judicial system. But make no mistake about it, this travesty of justice will not bring us down. We are here, and we will never leave. As much as you try to knock us down we will get back up. We will not compromise who we are or our culture, because no matter what we do you will not perceive us as one of you. We are one of us, and we do exist. No matter how hard you try to make us feel subhuman, take away our right to vote, take away opportunities of a fair wage, take away our opportunities of decent housing, we will always be around. No matter how hard we try to tell you that there are serious problems with race in this Country, and no matter how hard you tell us that there isn’t, it’s all imagined…we will still be around. We will always be around no matter how hard you knock us down. We are trained to fight when we are in our teens, because the only person that will defend us in the end is us. We will continue to occupy the ghettos. We will continue to work the minimum wage jobs. We will continue walking through your neighborhoods, but this time we will continue to do it wearing hoodies. We will continue buying our Skittles and our Arizona Iced Tea’s. We will continue to run when we feel threatened and scared. We will also continue to whoop the shit out of someone who is stalking us. We are armed with our calloused fists of oppression. We are oppressed no longer. That is who we are. We are your worst nightmare. We are black, we are proud, we are bold and we are Trayvon Martin. We will fuck anybody up that tries to fuck us up even if we have to die, and we will continue serving in the armed services. Because somebody has to fight in the wars that the privileged class doesn’t want to.