They Just Don’t Get It…

I’m a black guy who prefers to date white women. I have dated women with kids, and women without kids. I tend to date slighter older women, but either way the women I choose to date don’t have hate in their hearts. I say this because they think of me enough to take a chance on dating me. However, I have been single for a very long time. The women that I dated have mixed race kids, white kids and they do things that kids normally do. They skip school from time to time. They experiment with marijuana. They engage in premarital sex. They play video games, and engage in sports. In many of these cases they have been absent of a father, and I tried real hard to fill in on that role. If one of their kids didn’t feel like waking up for school I would grab them by the back of the head, tell them to take a shower so I can take them to school. I don’t do this to be mean. I do this because I am one who values an education, and I also believe that how one spends their time in high school greatly effects how they live in their lives. If you’re a lazy bum in high school you will be a lazy bum later on in life. If you take advantage of every opportunity afforded to you in high school then you will be able to see opportunity in every aspect of your life.

What people don’t realize, especially in the white community, is that many blacks have a negative opinion regarding their own selves. I had the great opportunity to go to an all white school. I had the great opportunity to live in an all white neighborhood, but I can’t see that happen today. The negative perception that whites have towards blacks isn’t necessarily based on color. It is primarily based on culture. That same negative perception could be applied to Hispanics. However, the media would like you to perceive otherwise. I now live in California and I used to live in an all Mexican neighborhood, and I lived in an all white neighborhood. The problem with this deep segregation is that the schools are filled with primarily only one race of people. This has a potential negative effect on the future of our kids because they will never get a chance to know other cultures. To that there will exist a certain fear instilled in them by their parents.

I don’t know what it’s like to go to an all black school, or an all Hispanic school. I know, in my experience, going to an all white school the campus was very clean. The neighborhood was very clean. The teachers reflected a positive attitude, especially when it came to me. The majority of students embraced me with just a small minority that felt the need to use racial slurs to address me. I had a good life and good experiences. Outside of the school, however, I had many interactions with the police. They didn’t see me as my peers in high school saw me. I just got used to getting pulled over by the police. Having them ask me “when was the last time you were arrested?” or “Where are the drugs?” Then again, I don’t know if many whites have been faced with those very same questions from the police.

The point that I’m trying to make is that kids are kids. They all do things that tick off their parents, tick off parts of society, but with the Zimmerman verdict black kids can’t be kids. They can’t run away from someone they perceive as a threat. They can’t defend themselves from a person they perceive as a threat. They can’t carry a gun to defend themselves without being viewed as a gangster. They can’t walk around shirtless, showing off their six pack abs. They definitely can’t walk around at night in Florida.

Latest polls show that 1 in 5 whites use guns to kill themselves. The same poll shows that 1 out of 5 blacks are killed in gun violence, at the hands of whites. If you believe that Trayvon Martin deserved to die because blacks in Chicago are dying then it shows the level of ignorance on your part. A black gang member who kills another black gang member will go to jail, and more importantly a black person who was at the wrong place and time could also go to jail for committing a crime that they didn’t commit.

And I have a message for black people. If you’re a black person who has some celebrity status and a lot of money, try mentoring these kids so they don’t have to live in a life of crime. Try mentoring these kids that success is possible in the greatest country in the world. Try mentoring these kids to know the value of life, because until that changes nothing will. We will always be hated by people who don’t understand. We will always be hated by people who are born with opportunity and access, but it doesn’t have to be that way.