The Power of Activism

I’m not a really big fan of activism in the form of protests. I don’t feel that protests around the country demanding justice for Trayvon will have a positive impact to seek justice. These protests will lead to the people who support justice for Trayvon to turn against the movement, and the people who support the movement. I live in Los Angeles and have witnessed people take to the streets shouting, yelling, holding up signs and blocking the freeways. There are people, especially here in Los Angeles that support the movement, but they are also trying to move on with their lives. They have to go to work, they have to attend family events, they have to run errands and the protesters are impeding their right to move around. It is worth noting how Richard Nixon was elected as President of The United States in 1968. He was elected due to the “silent majority”. The silent majority saw the riots and protests in 1968, and they were turned off. They silently voted for Richard Nixon, the republican, even though Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. died. Many wonder what would happen if people didn’t take to the streets to protest and riot neighborhoods.

What I see in the George Zimmerman trial and all the injustice in Florida due to the “Stand your ground” law that not only exist in Florida, but in thirty other States is this; if you don’t like the laws then you have to protest it with your pocket-book. We live in a nation that is ruled by money. If blacks and whites want to protest against the injustice then they need to withdraw their support for Florida. Florida makes a great deal of money in the tourism industry. They have Disney World, Bush Gardens, Sea World and thousands of convention centers. If we want to seek justice for Trayvon, blacks will have to move out of that State for more tolerable States. If people want justice for Trayvon they are to not support businesses in Florida. I find it pretty sad that the NAACP is holding a convention in Orlando, Florida right now. It is a form of blatant hypocrisy for which I do not support, even if it is on my side. It’s time that we become the silent majority. Elections are coming up in 2014. These elections are important. These elections will decide the fate of all these draconian laws. The only way that we can change these laws is to vote all these bums out of office, and rather than disrupt traffic we should use our power to draft candidates that will push for change. In an effort to push for change we need to organize silent boycotts. In an effort for change we need to not push the federal government to create another trial. If the rumors are true that one of the jurors (B37) is married to a lawyer that was responsible for the jury selection than we need to let the justice system work on charging her. Nothing that we can do will ever bring back Trayvon, but everything we do can either make people support us or turn against us. We can not turn into the the stereotypical thug that people portray us to be. For the love of God, stop breaking other peoples windows!!!!! Stop fighting innocent people walking the streets. Those actions do not speak to the kindness in our hearts. Those actions are the same that was expressed that night by George Zimmerman.

I want justice, and I will make a pledge to never set foot in Florida, or Texas, or Arizona. I will never give any of their businesses money that they don’t want from a person like me. Shit, I’m still boycotting WalMart for not paying their workers a fair wage and destroying small businesses in this Country. I wish I had more company, but that is not going to stop me from being a one man economic wrecking ball.


2 thoughts on “The Power of Activism

  1. They were beating up people for no reason last night and starting fires! So ridiculous! I lost a few FB friends for posting something about Florida they got offended! Oh well!! Great post Orlando! Dru

    • We need to just speak the truth. I never understood protesting in Los Angeles for an action that happened in Florida. I try to give my voice, but if they use violence to promote an agenda I’ll be done with it, just like many others. Innocent people shouldn’t be shot or beaten!!

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