The Plant

ThePlant There is a plant located in the deepest depth of the ocean–teaming with life. It is with this life that regenerates all other forms of life, only to go undiscovered by the dominate form, on this planet. Whenever I decide to reflect on the choices I have made, I often think about that plant. I think about that plant slowly being eaten to death by the various crustaceans, and I come away with the feeling of how lucky I am that I’m not a plant located in the Challenger Deep. However, my feeling of luck subsides over time.

To me, life is just a series of choices. A series of good choices could lead to good outcomes. A series of bad choices could lead to bad outcomes, but what is good and what is bad? Waking up in the morning and satisfying my need to eat is good. If I continue to eat I will continue to live. Waking up in the morning not fulfilling my need to eat will lead to many painful mornings and my untimely death–not good. However, these are choices that are based on the assumption that there is easy access to food. What would the plant do?

Believe it or not, we are all plants. Some of us are homogeneous. Some of us our heterogeneous. I know that it seems preposterous to compare humans to plants, but we all start off with a seed. Over time that seed lays roots, some strong and some weak. We are fed and watered with the purpose of fulfilling our main mission–to blossom. In the end, as with all plants we shrivel up and die. In between, we live. And, just like the plant located in the Challenger Deep we are sometimes plucked of our resources for others to survive.

As I said earlier, I believe that life is just a series of choices. However, I neglected to point out that some of the choices I made are limited to circumstances. Some of the choices we all make are limited to circumstances. There is this fallacy that anyone can achieve anything that they want in America with hard work and determination. For some, that is true. But try asking the plant located 36,200 feet on the ocean floor. I’m sure that he’ll beg to differ.