War Pigs

When I was 5 years old all I wanted was to own a dog. I asked my parents, and they said no. However, I didn’t give up. I decided to ask my other two siblings to join me in petitioning our parents for one. We all formed a meeting, arranged our talking points and made an emotional persuasive speech to get a dog. Upon relying on emotion, and their love for us, our parents told us that owning a dog came with a lot of responsibility. My brother, sister and I would have to feed the dog, walk the dog and provide the dog with love. Yadda, yadda, yadda. We were the proud owners of a dog. We played with her for a few days…then we realized just how hard it was to own a dog. We didn’t care. We just passed it off to our parents. Eventually, the dog grew on them and they did the work that we didn’t want to.

When I was ten years old I really wanted a bicycle. This wasn’t just any bicycle. This was a shiny silver Kent 10 speed. The cost for this beautiful, shiny Kent 10 speed? $110. That was a lot of money back in 1982. My mother told me that she couldn’t afford it, and if I wanted it I would have to get a job as a paperboy to pay for it. I turned to my siblings to make another emotional plea to my parents, but they didn’t want to go along with it unless they got their own bicycles. I thought, if my parents couldn’t afford to buy me a $110 bicycle then how were they to afford three $110 bicycles? So, I took a job as a paperboy. The job paid $5 a week. It would take me 22 weeks to save enough money for it. However, my parents saw how hard I was working for that bicycle. They knew that this was important to me so they bought me the bicycle a couple weeks later. I was excited, and I used that bicycle to deliver my newspapers. I took care of that bike for all of the 5 years that I owned it until someone stole it on me. From that moment on, I have always worked for everything I have. I never had to get people on my side to persuade my parents to buy me anything. I just worked hard, and they noticed my efforts. Some of the things I received in my life have been out of pity. Pity comes from a strong sense of emotion, so don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t get something out of pity.

That’s how we do it as individuals, but how does it work for the Government? Governments have a great deal of resources. They receive revenue in the form of taxes to pay for essential services. However, as we all know, many of the politicians responsible for appropriating the money for essential services look out for their own interests. Spending money on essential services doesn’t serve in the best interest of the politicians bank accounts. After all, they didn’t beg for millions of dollars for a job that pays thousands of dollars to do the right thing. They ran for the job to line their pockets with millions. The best way to make millions is to line oneself with corporate lobbyists. The sole mission of the lobbyist is to secure government contracts for business to line their own coiffures. When the defense industry is happy, the politicians are happy…and that is why we have wars.

We live on a polluted Earth with finite resources. We live on a Earth that is polluted due to the finite resources. As the years go by and the consumption goes up the resources become more finite, and the population becomes sicker on a hotter planet. This doesn’t bother the politicians, because many of them elected are all in their finite years. Why should they care about the status of the Earth 50, 100 years from now when they will be dead in ten? Sure, they will cry about their children having to pay for the Government’s debt. But that’s because debt is only a problem when there isn’t a way to line their pockets with some of that money. Republican leaders know that democrats like to invest tax money in research and development, but that doesn’t line pockets. Research and development benefits the middle-class…which is something that the republicans don’t give a shit about. Republicans are the ones that beg for the dog, but once they get it they pass it off on someone else to take care of.

The only thing worse than a politician is the media. The media has their own agenda. There are some good people that serve in the Government. There are some good politicians that care about the people, but the media is not in business for the people. The media’s sole purpose is to make money. Many media outlets accept money from corporations who have the big-money lobbyists in Washington. Long gone are the days when the media just reported the facts that led the viewers form their own opinion. Now, the main tactic is to split the viewer. Not all the viewers want bicycles, but they will keep making the pitch on why you should buy one. They will tell you that you will feel safer with one. They will tell you that if you pay for someone else’s bicycle you will get a job. They will tell you that if you don’t subscribe to buying a bicycle then you’re a racist. They will throw everything at you to fight anyone who disagrees with you. Think about it, if we all got along would we have all the problems we have today? If everyone was paid a fair wage that led to greater accesses to opportunity, would we be fighting each other? If we all got along, found the kindness in strangers would we need the police? If we all got along, and we lived our lives without fear, would we be tuning in to the media? If we all got along would we, as a Country, feel the need to invade another Country? These are the questions that we must answer. In the words of a shitty president, “…trust but verify” Remember that next time the Government tries to make the case for war. Think of the Country that is making a case for war. Think of all the violence, poverty and inequality that is going on in that Country, and remember that when that same Country makes the case to invade another Country for their senseless violence and inequality directed at their own. If that’s the case then I’m waiting for the day that The United States gets invaded by the Swiss.