The Absurdity of Polls

The media, as well as politicians have relied on polls probably since the dawn of time. Think about it, what do you do when you have to make a decision for which you don’t have an answer? Ask a friend? Ask many friends? Co-workers? Family? To a certain degree, conducting polls make sense. However, poll results can often be created to reaffirm a narrative that the poll conductor wants to bear.

A recent poll came out stating that 52% of Americans blame President Obama for the bad economy. It is beyond me how the result of this poll goes unquestioned in the media. In order for the President of The United States to be responsible for the economy he would have to be the head of a socialist empire. Last I checked, The United States of America is not a socialist Country…no matter how hard the wrong-wingers shout it at the top of their lungs.

We live in a capitalistic society. We live in a society that relies on supply and demand. Sadly, that simple rule of economics (supply and demand) has been distorted in the form of manipulation that benefits in the form of greed. Along with greed there is a great deal of selfishness, on the part of the corporations. Moreover, selfishness and greed are not exclusive to the corporations. They trickle down to the workers, as well.

You’re a 16 year-old fast food worker making minimum wage. You graduate high school, graduate from college and you still continue to work for the fast food company. Your company decides to promote you. You now make a high six-figure salary. Who is responsible for your high salary position within the company? You? How about, if after six years in the company you lose your job and the salary that goes with it? Is it your fault that you lost that job? Considering that you did everything right, is it your fault that you lost that job? Of course not. It is the company’s fault that you lost the job. If that is correct than it is safe to say that it was also the company responsible for promoting you to that high salary position. The college education you chose to seek wasn’t exclusive to that company, or any other company for that matter. That education was sought after because it was something that would benefit your future. It is a fact that a college graduate greatly benefits from a four year degree…for now. So, the next question is; do you blame the President of The United States for your job loss?

The company that chose to terminate your employment is one link in millions of links that contribute to the economy. The President of The United States will try to push for an idea that he, or his party, thinks would benefit the economy but that responsibility lies in the legislative branch of government. Right now, according to a recent poll 12% of the american public has a favorable rating of Congress.

The California legislature just passed a bill that will raise the minimum wage from $8 an hour to $10 an hour by 2015. The bill is making its way to the California Senate, and will be signed by Governor Jerry Brown. Right now, some people are outraged citing that raising the minimum wage will bankrupt businesses. Let’s take a look at that.

My previous example of the person working a minimum wage job that worked their way up the ranks to a high six figure salary proves the point that businesses will not go bankrupt by this legislation. The money is there for this. The money has always been there for this. Often, businesses cite that they can’t raise the minimum wage because it will hurt their business, but the truth is that raising the minimum wage will hurt the special bonus pay structure in place for high-level executives. Why hasn’t anyone made the argument that raising the price of goods and services would bankrupt a business? If people want to make the argument that paying a worker more money is bad then why don’t they make the argument that raising prices are bad? According to that logic, raising prices would lead to less consumers? Again, refer to the basic principle of supply and demand. If there is a high demand for a product that has a low supply the price should go up. However, in an effort to supply that demand employment should go up. Companies know this and in an effort to meet the demand they fire workers allowing the remaining workers to pick up the slack. In other words, companies are exploiting workers for their bottom line–money. Remember that next time you want to blame someone for the poor economy.