Political Malleability

Any successful screenwriter will tell you that the number one job of writing a screenplay involves the task of choosing words to put on paper that rely on the visual, as well as sound. A movie script is void of emotion, of feeling, for that is the job of the actors. However, a successful screenwriter cleverly crafts his or her words to convey a certain emotion to the perspective reader to convey his or her vision. For example, writing a descriptive narrative for an exterior scene that will leave the reader with impending doom would be read as, “The altitudinous palm trees stand rocking in opposite directions a midst the dark and gloomy skies. Animals scurrilously running away at the quick rasps of thunder while a man stands in the distance, perfectly still, yielding an ax.”

The descriptive narrative in that example leaves no room for doubting what the impending doom will be. The implication is severe bodily harm. This leads to the second objective of the screenwriter–conflict. Every single script has to rely on an ongoing conflict. The most successful story lines will always rely on elements of sex and evil. Just take a look at any of the top-grossing films of the modern century. These two conflict lines are not a mistake. Anyone who has ever taken a marketing class knows that sex and evil sell. It is not an accident that the women selling us our SX sports cars are sexy. It is no surprise that the evil Satan can’t exist without God…thus religion.

Now, the average person isn’t as crafty as the successful screenwriter. When asked, “How are you feeling?” The typical answer is usually, “I feel like shit”. This is a response that is typically understood. However, no one has ever experienced what a heaping pile of shit feels like…but hey…

Nothing infuriates a liberal more than conservative logic. Nothing infuriates me more than hearing a conservative equate abortion as murder while proclaiming that the death penalty is all about justice–all the while equating all life as sacred…unless that life is born of someone who happens to be gay, a racial minority, a woman, or a deer.

The successful screenwriters are the right-wing politicians who have cleverly crafted the entity known as “God” to fit in their narrative. Inserting the belief of “God” in their script means that anyone who disagrees with them is evil. The typical liberal sees the flaws in their ideology in the fact that religion is only 5-6,000 years old. The conservatives know this, and in their script the Earth is 5-6,000 years old. The scientists who predict that the Earth is 4.5 billion years-old are all heathens, liberals are godless and Obama is the Anti-Christ. God doesn’t exist in the visual or the sound, thus ignoring the number one rule of screenwriting. That is the script we are all forced to read because the sensible people in this Country are not prone to being these malleable lumps of clay that can be used to push the propaganda that these people like to push.

We all rely on visual clues that help us out in our daily lives. If we step out of the house to be greeted by dark skies in the middle of the afternoon, it wouldn’t be absurd to think about carrying an umbrella or a raincoat. If we encounter traffic on the freeway at a time when previously traffic wasn’t present then it’s safe to say that it can be due to an accident–absent of construction signs. We can act accordingly. However, if politicians make things up out of thin air, then how can a rational person act accordingly? Well, if the politician continues to feed the erroneous message and the media allows the message to go unchallenged then you tend to go to the person you feel most comfortable with.

Over the past five years I have heard that Obama is a socialist, fascist, Marxist, communist, Kenyan born Muslim who is out to destroy America by creating a New World Order full of re-education camps that are full of FEMA administrators who are out to take away your guns by implementing Obamacare to steel away your freedom and liberties.

You know?…I think I have to carefully re-examine the fact that people haven’t existed as huge heaping piles of shit, because even a heaping pile of shit is just as malleable as a lump of clay.