Who Cares About Iraq

They are at it again.  The warmongers and profiteers of the egregious “military complex” want Americans to think that the violence going on in Iraq is worth our sympathy.  And worth the blood of more Americans to enter combat in a Country that is going through a religious civil war.  What strikes me as totally amazing is how the media scrambles to get the opinions of the same people who got it all wrong in Iraq.  The opinions from the ilk minded dipshits like John McCain, Dick Cheney, Lindsey Graham, William Krystal and Mitt Romney. All of these assholes thought that the war in Iraq would just be a “cakewalk”.  “It’s not going to be an occupation”, said William Krystal.  “It will only take a few days, if not a month”, from the mouth of Dick Cheney.  The war in Iraq lasted eight years.  The war in Iraq killed 4,457 soldiers.  The war in Iraq killed over 100,000 Iraqi citizens. The war in Iraq cost over two trillion dollars.  

Just think about how two trillion dollars can affect the people in this Country.  Just think about how many jobs and how many lives could be changed by that money being pumped into revitalizing our neighborhoods.  Think about how many after-school programs could be created.  After-school programs that can take the troubled inner city kids off the streets.  Think about how many children who suffer from mental conditions could be treated, instead of having them shoot up innocent civilians in one of our schools, movie theaters, and shopping malls.  Instead of the politicians focusing on their constituents, they are turning that concern to a region that has been strife with violence and conflict for centuries.

So, I ask…why should we care?


Has the events of 9/11 scared us, as a Nation, to the point that we feel the need to kill as many of “them” as humanly possible?  Because, if that’s what you feel then they have won.  Osama bin Laden’s dream was to egg America into entering a conflict that will bankrupt us as a nation…mission accomplished.  Due to these ongoing acts of aggression we have more people around the World who hate us.

Violence in Baghdad is nothing new.  The streets of Chicago and Detroit and Miami and Los Angeles experience their fair share of violence, but the violence that gets the attention are the ones that happen in Columbine, Santa Barbara, Seattle, Phoenix, and Newtown.  However, why isn’t John McCain jumping up and down for President Obama to act on solving America’s problem of the gun? 

It sickens me when I hear some jack-off politician who thinks the answer to solving violence is with a “good guy with a gun”.  It sickens me when I hear a politician deny the existence of climate change.  It sickens me when politicians push the notion that the Earth is 6,000 years old.  It sickens me to hear some piece of shit politician talk about how great a pregnancy from a violent act of rape is. It sickens me when the media gives these jackwagons the platform to spew their ridiculous ideology. However, what sickens me more is that YOU voted for them.