Trickle Down Immigration

The media will lead one to believe that the United States immigration system is broke. However, nothing can be further from the truth. The United States immigration policy is the way it is by design. Believe it or not, politicians on both sides of the aisle love the system we have in place. In fact, it is a system that heavily benefits big business while killing the middle-class.

Both liberals and conservatives know about the income inequality crisis plaguing this nation. Statistics show that the inequality started to happen in the early to mid 80’s. Hmmm…I wonder who was president at that time? Oh yeah, it was the saint, Ronald Reagan. Besides issuing the biggest tax cuts to the rich, Saint Ronnie also granted millions of undocumented immigrants amnesty. This was not controversial at the time. After-all, it was the Saint Ronnie Reagan.

The millions of undocumented immigrants that were given amnesty were already assimilated in America. They were working. They were contributing to the economy, and they were living in our neighborhoods. They were also working in jobs for far less money.

Just to put things in perspective, the average salary for a machinist living in Los Angeles, CA (with 3 years experience) is about $22 an hour. However, a non-English speaking immigrant will make half that. So, the immigrant makes $11 an hour while upper-management steals the other $11 an hour. And there is a reason for this. If an immigrant were payed the fair wage than that would mean that they can afford to live in a decent neighborhood. They can afford to send their kids to good schools, universities. However, life is not fair. And fair wages are non-existent.

This rule doesn’t just apply to immigrants. This rule (by design) also applies to other minorities. It’s hard for a black person to find a blue collar job in the Los Angeles area without the ability to speak Spanish. However, that is not the case for whites in California because most whites work in the offices in which English is the predominant language. This is not conjecture or ideology on my part. This is from my own personal experience. I have been in Los Angeles for over four years and I have never seen a more racially segregated system in place.

The one thing about California that most people who live outside the State will know is that there is a high cost of living here. However, what most people don’t know is that is also by design. The immigrant or the ethnic minority will never be able to live in a good neighborhood in Los Angeles. The average rent for a 1 bedroom apartment in the desirable Santa Monica, Ca is $1,800 a month while the average rent for an apartment in The San Fernando Valley is $900 a month. Santa Monica is 90% white while The San Fernando Valley is 90% Latino.

Now, people will lead one to believe that there is a crisis going on the Mexican border. Republicans are quick to say that we should deport all of the thousands of women and children entering the border. However, do they really care?

President George W. Bush was in office for 8 years, and in those 8 years he had a majority in the U.S. Congress and Senate. He could’ve put up that border fence that so many republicans claim they want, but they didn’t. They only want a border fence when a democrat is in the office. The same can be said for wanting a balanced budget, and fiscal responsibility.

I can truly understand both sides of the immigration debate. This is an issue in which both conservatives and liberals are right. Immigrants are stealing American jobs. However, Americans are culpable of this.

If we truly want immigration reform we must ask ourselves, “Do I want to live next door to them?” If you answered yes then we must put an end to the slave labor wages that exist today. If you answered “No!”…then I know you’re a right-wing nutjob.