Bill Maher Is Right

Three years ago, I wrote a post claiming that I’m a proud liberal. Yeah, I’m a fucking liberal. And, in that post, I listed all the hypocrisies of the republican party. You can’t claim to be “pro-life” while advocating the death penalty. You can’t claim to be a “patriot” while you fought for 5 deferments during the Vietnam War. You can’t claim to be a “good Christian” while advocating the killing of doctors who perform abortions….but I digress.

The loyal readers of my blog know that I’m a black man. They know that I moved from Rhode Island to California, and they know that I look like Osama bin Laden’s brother. They also know that I watch “Real Time with Bill Maher”. A month or so ago Bill Maher, along with Sam Harris, got into a heated argument with Ben Affleck over the fundamental values of the Muslim Religion. The out-coming result of this argument was that somehow, Bill Maher (the champion of gay rights, minority rights and true religious freedom) is a racist. Bill Maher is a bigoted racist because of his views on the Muslim religion? In my World, calling Bill Maher a racist just proves how stupid the people in this Country truly are. As far as I’m concerned, Bill Maher is right. And, believe it or not, he is always right.

Last night on “Real Time With Bill Maher” Bill, once again, had to bring up the controversy. And, once again, he was called a racist for his views that Muslims believe in violence.

The person who called Bill Maher a racist was Rula Jebreal. By all accounts, Rula would be classified as a liberal. She is also a Muslim, so she has to feel the need to defend her religion. Bill Maher also stated the fact that you can’t be called a racist for hating a religion.

What the stupid fucks in this Country don’t get is that the same liberals who call Bill Maher a racist for hating Muslims are the same people that wouldn’t say hi to me if they saw me walking on the same sidewalk as them.

When I tell people that I live in California, they automatically assume that California is this liberal utopia. Nothing can be further from the truth. Los Angeles, like Chicago, Miami and New York City, is one of the most racially segregated cities. The neighborhoods are either a majority of Mexican, Armenian or white. The white neighborhoods, naturally, are beautiful. In contrast, The Mexican neighborhoods are dirty and neglected. However, this isn’t a reflection on the people that live in the neighborhoods. This is a reflection of the heavy institutional racism that exists in this Country. The white neighborhoods are priced well out of reach for Mexicans and other minorities. The City of Santa Monica, is priced well out of reach for people like me. The people in Santa Monica claim to be liberal, yet every time I walk in Palisades Park they don’t acknowledge me. And who can blame them? They don’t have neighbors that look like me. They never went to school with people like me. They probably never interacted with Muslims, but they feel the need to say they support blacks and Muslims…because they are not racists?

Bill Maher is calling out all the so-called “liberals”. Liberals love to slam republicans for not supporting equality. Liberals love to claim that republicans are waging a war on women, and these are the same liberals that are running away from President Obama. A president who has done more for women, gays and minorities than any other president.

I think the most fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives is that conservatives fight for the shit they want while liberals shit on the people who do all the fighting for the things they want. You can call Bill Maher many things, but calling him a racist or a bigot shouldn’t be on the list. And if you’re a woman who thinks that Muslims are not violent just try planning your next vacation to Saudi Arabia, and don’t forget to cover your face and body…or you will get stoned to death.