A Call To Arms: The New Civil Rights Movement

It’s hard to believe that in the year 2014 minorities are still fighting for a seat at the table when it comes to racial equality, and that is the problem. The biggest problem, that I have found, with the civil rights movement was blacks begging to be equal to whites. History has shown that whites have been violent savages, at the expense of blacks and Native Americans. However, whites have been successful in shifting the narrative to make black people violent. The local news airs thousands of stories involving blacks committing crimes. This week we have seen thousands of blacks take to the streets to protest the grand jury verdict in the Darren Wilson case in Ferguson, Missouri. Protests in New York, Rhode Island, The District of Columbia, Pennsylvania and California in support of Michael Brown are not helping the cause for equality. All of these protests are making whites pissed off, and who can blame them. Looting and rioting in your own neighborhoods accomplishes only one thing. It makes the black race look stupid.

There’s a major scapegoating of blacks in this Country. Blacks will criticize whites for not providing loans to the black community to buy homes; whites respond by making high-interest loans to blacks, and when the economy melts down blacks get the bulk of the blame. When blacks protest a senseless shooting of one of their own by white police officers blacks respond by burning down their neighborhoods and black owned businesses. Whites respond by saying, “look at them. They are savages, and I can’t support savage behavior.”

The biggest problem with race in this Country is that the actions of just one “bad apple” refelcts on the whole race. That is only unique to blacks. A white guy can kill 50 women and it is not expected that all whites are savages. It is simply an exception. However, one black person robs a convenience store and it is expected that all blacks are robbers. To that I say, enough.

If we want to be equal we need to rise up and own this Country. We need to be the titans of capitalism. If whites want us to live in the ghetto we must clean up the ghetto’s. If whites don’t want to employ us we need to employ ourselves. If whites expect us to live on welfare and food stamps we must force them to live on welfare and food stamps. If whites feel the need to tell us that we need to pull up our pants we must pull down theirs and see what life is really about.

The road to economic freedom is actually quite easy. Blacks are already seen as drug dealers and criminals, and with all the legalization of pot why can’t we find one black person, or a group of black people to seize the opportunity in ownership. Why is it easy for a young black person to peddle illegal drugs on a street corner, but can’t find the legal means to own a legitimate pot shop?

There are ample amounts of opportunity in this Country for all races to make it. Nothing frustrates me more when I am lumped into a race that is viewed as inferior. When are we going to stand up for ourselves? When are we going to pull ourselves up from our bootstraps? When are we going to stand up against inequality? When are we going to stand up to the big corporations that are fucking up our lively hoods? When are we going to support black owned businesses, instead of burning them down? When are successful blacks going to reinvest in our neighborhoods?

Let’s face it, white people don’t want us in their neighborhoods. White people don’t want us working next to them. White people don’t want us next to them…period. Enough is enough. If we want equality we need to raise ourselves to a higher level in which whites will be begging to be equal to blacks, and in my world that is easy to do.