Black Lives Don’t Matter

I’m trying to think of a time in the history of this Country in which Black lives mattered.  In the year 1619? Nah.  In the years 1776, 1787, and 1860? No, no and no.  Now, Black lives started to matter in 1865, but the guy who freed the slaves was killed.  He was killed by a guy who didn’t think Black lives mattered.  Did black lives matter in 1917, 1945 and 1964? No, no and no.  The Civil Rights Amendment passed in 1965, but did Black lives matter then?  Black people have fought valiantly in every war in this Country’s history, and do you think the white power structure gave a shit?  The reason why America beat the British in the Revolutionary War had all to do with the actions of a black indentured servant who gave George Washington information on what the British Troops were going to do.  How many fine young black men had to die in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq to make white people think that Black lives mattered?  Do you think that the United States Central Intelligence Agency gave a shit about Black lives when they introduced crack cocaine to the black neighborhoods in South Central Los Angeles?

It’s not just the White power structure that doesn’t give a shit about Black lives.  It’s a fact that Blacks don’t think Black lives matter.  Just ask the Blacks in Memphis, Dallas, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, New York, and Los Angeles.  How many young black teens have to die at the hands of other black teens?  And for what?  An iphone?  A couple dime bags of weed? A TV, stereo?  So now we are to make others think that Black lives matter when they die at the hands of a racist bully cop?  It’s laughable.

The only people who think black lives matter are the ones that like to use Black people to serve their purposes.  All you have to do is yell really loud that Black lives matter and the money will pour in, and all that money isn’t going to do shit to solve all the economic conditions plaguing the black neighborhoods from New York to Los Angeles.

When are we going to stop asking White people for our equality?  I’ve said this time, and time, and time, and time again.  We need to truly take care of our own people.  We need to do the things we need to do so we can thrive as a people.  We need to start thriving outside of the U.S. prison system and prove once and for all that Black lives matter.  If we don’t do that than you can yell all you want.  In the end, you’ll be known as a person who is good at yelling.