Fuck The National Anthem #StandUpForSomething

bloody flagIt’s hard to believe the level of stupidity overflowing in the minds of the underdeveloped  neanderthal.  These same mother fuckers that use their first amendment right to march down Main Street with their German Swastika arm bands and their Confederate fucking flags–with their Russian made AK-47’s slung on their shoulders are trying to tell me that a few dozen athletes who have decided to take a knee while the National Anthem is playing is somehow unpatriotic.  Let’s see…the confederates lost the War.  You’re a loser.  The German’s lost the war.  You’re a loser.  The Russians went from the number two superpower to a crumbling piece of shit led by a dictator that kills his foes.  You’re a loser….but hey, you have Trump.

Donald Trump is the biggest, fucking, piece of shit to have ever been elected and that says a whole lot.  This piece of shit has said that ALL Mexicans are rapists, blacks are thugs…the list goes on and on, but in your stupid fucking shit bag you call a brain you think he’s “refreshing”.

What I find to be refreshing is if you were to take a bullet from a gun that was fired by George Zimmerman, but that would never happen because you’re probably gonna be white.  However, to all y’all Uncle Tom coon ass motherfuckers, George is coming for you.

So, just what the fuck is the National Anthem anyway?

The “Star-Spangled Banner” was written by this stupid fucking slave owning cracka Francis Scott Key.  This racist piece of shit bought his first slave in 1800, and he owned six slaves in 1820. Now, I know some of you dumb motherfuckers are gonna say, “Oh, but everybody owned slaves back then.”…


Slavery is alive and well in 2017.  If you’re black you’re forced to live with shitty access to education, and if you’re one of the lucky ones to manage not to go to jail, you end up with a shitty job–which leads to living in a shitty neighborhood–driving around in shitty cars–which causes them to get pulled over by shitty police–which leads them to get shot and killed.  These athletes are exposing the system.  The system designed to purposefully and willfully hold down blacksbloody flag….but…but “these athletes are hypocrites because they are rich, and they live in nice neighborhoods–and drive around fancy cars”.  Yeah, they are also surrounded by shitty neighbors who don’t feel they belong.  They are not taking a knee for themselves, they are taking a knee for all the people in their past, present and future and that is more noble than the assholes in outrage who support the racists of the past.

We live in America.  I understand that we are all afforded that freedom, but if you’re one of the motherfucking assholes who think that people who take a knee during the National Anthem are somehow less patriotic than you–look in the mirror.  Oh, don’t even try to invoke religion to this argument, because if you’re against the people trying to effect change–you are