We’re All Gonna Die On Halloween!!

asteroid It’s funny that with every mass shooting that takes place in America, Congress never finds the time for gun control legislation.  Meanwhile, when a group of Muslims attack the “Homeland” the President and douchebags in Congress wage wars in two different Countries, make it legal to torture anyone they consider to be a terrorist, wiretap ever single American’s phone line, monitor every single American’s social media, deploy drones to kill people, permanently detain people at the prison in Guantanamo, Cuba, and increase military spending 8,000%.  The list goes on and on and on.

In recent news, North Korea is flexing their muscles.  The douchebag-in-chief says he will act with force.  This douchenozzle will respond to North Korea by launching nuclear weapons, but thinks that talking about gun control is “too soon” in the wake of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas.  Really?  Oh, really?  REALLY?

Close to 4,000 American’s died on 9/11 and America reacted by waging an endless war in Afghanistan, a botched up war in Iraq–which lead to the development of ISIS–twelve trillion dollars of debt…and no apologies.  On the other hand, every single year in America 30,000 people die from gun violence, and the G.O.P. answer is for more Americans to buy guns?

Americans are all out of prayers.  Americans are also insane.  We live in a celebrity culture.  The very same celebrity culture that lead to the rise of the Cheeto Jesus occupying the Oval Office.  Every mass shooting is followed by massive amounts of media attention–followed by another mass shooting, and more media attention.  In between the mass shootings we have people who use their cars or trucks as weapons.

These are the times, and I wouldn’t be surprised if on Halloween is the end of times.