A Call To Arms: The New Civil Rights Movement

It’s hard to believe that in the year 2014 minorities are still fighting for a seat at the table when it comes to racial equality, and that is the problem. The biggest problem, that I have found, with the civil rights movement was blacks begging to be equal to whites. History has shown that whites have been violent savages, at the expense of blacks and Native Americans. However, whites have been successful in shifting the narrative to make black people violent. The local news airs thousands of stories involving blacks committing crimes. This week we have seen thousands of blacks take to the streets to protest the grand jury verdict in the Darren Wilson case in Ferguson, Missouri. Protests in New York, Rhode Island, The District of Columbia, Pennsylvania and California in support of Michael Brown are not helping the cause for equality. All of these protests are making whites pissed off, and who can blame them. Looting and rioting in your own neighborhoods accomplishes only one thing. It makes the black race look stupid.

There’s a major scapegoating of blacks in this Country. Blacks will criticize whites for not providing loans to the black community to buy homes; whites respond by making high-interest loans to blacks, and when the economy melts down blacks get the bulk of the blame. When blacks protest a senseless shooting of one of their own by white police officers blacks respond by burning down their neighborhoods and black owned businesses. Whites respond by saying, “look at them. They are savages, and I can’t support savage behavior.”

The biggest problem with race in this Country is that the actions of just one “bad apple” refelcts on the whole race. That is only unique to blacks. A white guy can kill 50 women and it is not expected that all whites are savages. It is simply an exception. However, one black person robs a convenience store and it is expected that all blacks are robbers. To that I say, enough.

If we want to be equal we need to rise up and own this Country. We need to be the titans of capitalism. If whites want us to live in the ghetto we must clean up the ghetto’s. If whites don’t want to employ us we need to employ ourselves. If whites expect us to live on welfare and food stamps we must force them to live on welfare and food stamps. If whites feel the need to tell us that we need to pull up our pants we must pull down theirs and see what life is really about.

The road to economic freedom is actually quite easy. Blacks are already seen as drug dealers and criminals, and with all the legalization of pot why can’t we find one black person, or a group of black people to seize the opportunity in ownership. Why is it easy for a young black person to peddle illegal drugs on a street corner, but can’t find the legal means to own a legitimate pot shop?

There are ample amounts of opportunity in this Country for all races to make it. Nothing frustrates me more when I am lumped into a race that is viewed as inferior. When are we going to stand up for ourselves? When are we going to pull ourselves up from our bootstraps? When are we going to stand up against inequality? When are we going to stand up to the big corporations that are fucking up our lively hoods? When are we going to support black owned businesses, instead of burning them down? When are successful blacks going to reinvest in our neighborhoods?

Let’s face it, white people don’t want us in their neighborhoods. White people don’t want us working next to them. White people don’t want us next to them…period. Enough is enough. If we want equality we need to raise ourselves to a higher level in which whites will be begging to be equal to blacks, and in my world that is easy to do.

Bill Maher Is Right

Three years ago, I wrote a post claiming that I’m a proud liberal. Yeah, I’m a fucking liberal. And, in that post, I listed all the hypocrisies of the republican party. You can’t claim to be “pro-life” while advocating the death penalty. You can’t claim to be a “patriot” while you fought for 5 deferments during the Vietnam War. You can’t claim to be a “good Christian” while advocating the killing of doctors who perform abortions….but I digress.

The loyal readers of my blog know that I’m a black man. They know that I moved from Rhode Island to California, and they know that I look like Osama bin Laden’s brother. They also know that I watch “Real Time with Bill Maher”. A month or so ago Bill Maher, along with Sam Harris, got into a heated argument with Ben Affleck over the fundamental values of the Muslim Religion. The out-coming result of this argument was that somehow, Bill Maher (the champion of gay rights, minority rights and true religious freedom) is a racist. Bill Maher is a bigoted racist because of his views on the Muslim religion? In my World, calling Bill Maher a racist just proves how stupid the people in this Country truly are. As far as I’m concerned, Bill Maher is right. And, believe it or not, he is always right.

Last night on “Real Time With Bill Maher” Bill, once again, had to bring up the controversy. And, once again, he was called a racist for his views that Muslims believe in violence.

The person who called Bill Maher a racist was Rula Jebreal. By all accounts, Rula would be classified as a liberal. She is also a Muslim, so she has to feel the need to defend her religion. Bill Maher also stated the fact that you can’t be called a racist for hating a religion.

What the stupid fucks in this Country don’t get is that the same liberals who call Bill Maher a racist for hating Muslims are the same people that wouldn’t say hi to me if they saw me walking on the same sidewalk as them.

When I tell people that I live in California, they automatically assume that California is this liberal utopia. Nothing can be further from the truth. Los Angeles, like Chicago, Miami and New York City, is one of the most racially segregated cities. The neighborhoods are either a majority of Mexican, Armenian or white. The white neighborhoods, naturally, are beautiful. In contrast, The Mexican neighborhoods are dirty and neglected. However, this isn’t a reflection on the people that live in the neighborhoods. This is a reflection of the heavy institutional racism that exists in this Country. The white neighborhoods are priced well out of reach for Mexicans and other minorities. The City of Santa Monica, is priced well out of reach for people like me. The people in Santa Monica claim to be liberal, yet every time I walk in Palisades Park they don’t acknowledge me. And who can blame them? They don’t have neighbors that look like me. They never went to school with people like me. They probably never interacted with Muslims, but they feel the need to say they support blacks and Muslims…because they are not racists?

Bill Maher is calling out all the so-called “liberals”. Liberals love to slam republicans for not supporting equality. Liberals love to claim that republicans are waging a war on women, and these are the same liberals that are running away from President Obama. A president who has done more for women, gays and minorities than any other president.

I think the most fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives is that conservatives fight for the shit they want while liberals shit on the people who do all the fighting for the things they want. You can call Bill Maher many things, but calling him a racist or a bigot shouldn’t be on the list. And if you’re a woman who thinks that Muslims are not violent just try planning your next vacation to Saudi Arabia, and don’t forget to cover your face and body…or you will get stoned to death.

Trickle Down Immigration

The media will lead one to believe that the United States immigration system is broke. However, nothing can be further from the truth. The United States immigration policy is the way it is by design. Believe it or not, politicians on both sides of the aisle love the system we have in place. In fact, it is a system that heavily benefits big business while killing the middle-class.

Both liberals and conservatives know about the income inequality crisis plaguing this nation. Statistics show that the inequality started to happen in the early to mid 80’s. Hmmm…I wonder who was president at that time? Oh yeah, it was the saint, Ronald Reagan. Besides issuing the biggest tax cuts to the rich, Saint Ronnie also granted millions of undocumented immigrants amnesty. This was not controversial at the time. After-all, it was the Saint Ronnie Reagan.

The millions of undocumented immigrants that were given amnesty were already assimilated in America. They were working. They were contributing to the economy, and they were living in our neighborhoods. They were also working in jobs for far less money.

Just to put things in perspective, the average salary for a machinist living in Los Angeles, CA (with 3 years experience) is about $22 an hour. However, a non-English speaking immigrant will make half that. So, the immigrant makes $11 an hour while upper-management steals the other $11 an hour. And there is a reason for this. If an immigrant were payed the fair wage than that would mean that they can afford to live in a decent neighborhood. They can afford to send their kids to good schools, universities. However, life is not fair. And fair wages are non-existent.

This rule doesn’t just apply to immigrants. This rule (by design) also applies to other minorities. It’s hard for a black person to find a blue collar job in the Los Angeles area without the ability to speak Spanish. However, that is not the case for whites in California because most whites work in the offices in which English is the predominant language. This is not conjecture or ideology on my part. This is from my own personal experience. I have been in Los Angeles for over four years and I have never seen a more racially segregated system in place.

The one thing about California that most people who live outside the State will know is that there is a high cost of living here. However, what most people don’t know is that is also by design. The immigrant or the ethnic minority will never be able to live in a good neighborhood in Los Angeles. The average rent for a 1 bedroom apartment in the desirable Santa Monica, Ca is $1,800 a month while the average rent for an apartment in The San Fernando Valley is $900 a month. Santa Monica is 90% white while The San Fernando Valley is 90% Latino.

Now, people will lead one to believe that there is a crisis going on the Mexican border. Republicans are quick to say that we should deport all of the thousands of women and children entering the border. However, do they really care?

President George W. Bush was in office for 8 years, and in those 8 years he had a majority in the U.S. Congress and Senate. He could’ve put up that border fence that so many republicans claim they want, but they didn’t. They only want a border fence when a democrat is in the office. The same can be said for wanting a balanced budget, and fiscal responsibility.

I can truly understand both sides of the immigration debate. This is an issue in which both conservatives and liberals are right. Immigrants are stealing American jobs. However, Americans are culpable of this.

If we truly want immigration reform we must ask ourselves, “Do I want to live next door to them?” If you answered yes then we must put an end to the slave labor wages that exist today. If you answered “No!”…then I know you’re a right-wing nutjob.

Who Cares About Iraq

They are at it again.  The warmongers and profiteers of the egregious “military complex” want Americans to think that the violence going on in Iraq is worth our sympathy.  And worth the blood of more Americans to enter combat in a Country that is going through a religious civil war.  What strikes me as totally amazing is how the media scrambles to get the opinions of the same people who got it all wrong in Iraq.  The opinions from the ilk minded dipshits like John McCain, Dick Cheney, Lindsey Graham, William Krystal and Mitt Romney. All of these assholes thought that the war in Iraq would just be a “cakewalk”.  “It’s not going to be an occupation”, said William Krystal.  “It will only take a few days, if not a month”, from the mouth of Dick Cheney.  The war in Iraq lasted eight years.  The war in Iraq killed 4,457 soldiers.  The war in Iraq killed over 100,000 Iraqi citizens. The war in Iraq cost over two trillion dollars.  

Just think about how two trillion dollars can affect the people in this Country.  Just think about how many jobs and how many lives could be changed by that money being pumped into revitalizing our neighborhoods.  Think about how many after-school programs could be created.  After-school programs that can take the troubled inner city kids off the streets.  Think about how many children who suffer from mental conditions could be treated, instead of having them shoot up innocent civilians in one of our schools, movie theaters, and shopping malls.  Instead of the politicians focusing on their constituents, they are turning that concern to a region that has been strife with violence and conflict for centuries.

So, I ask…why should we care?


Has the events of 9/11 scared us, as a Nation, to the point that we feel the need to kill as many of “them” as humanly possible?  Because, if that’s what you feel then they have won.  Osama bin Laden’s dream was to egg America into entering a conflict that will bankrupt us as a nation…mission accomplished.  Due to these ongoing acts of aggression we have more people around the World who hate us.

Violence in Baghdad is nothing new.  The streets of Chicago and Detroit and Miami and Los Angeles experience their fair share of violence, but the violence that gets the attention are the ones that happen in Columbine, Santa Barbara, Seattle, Phoenix, and Newtown.  However, why isn’t John McCain jumping up and down for President Obama to act on solving America’s problem of the gun? 

It sickens me when I hear some jack-off politician who thinks the answer to solving violence is with a “good guy with a gun”.  It sickens me when I hear a politician deny the existence of climate change.  It sickens me when politicians push the notion that the Earth is 6,000 years old.  It sickens me to hear some piece of shit politician talk about how great a pregnancy from a violent act of rape is. It sickens me when the media gives these jackwagons the platform to spew their ridiculous ideology. However, what sickens me more is that YOU voted for them.


Democrats Are Pussies

How many more people in this Country have to spend the last moments on Earth facing down the barrel of a gun? A barrel of a gun held by a delusional psychopath. Yet again, there has been another mass shooting. This time in the State of California. Yet again, many have died because of the delusions of another young delusional psychopath. Why is it that I can’t register my car until I get a smog emission, but I can go out and buy a gun without having anyone in the A.T.F. check out my background?

They say that California has the strongest gun laws in this Country, and to that I say it’s all bullshit. In order to buy a gun you have to fill out an A.T.F. questionnaire. There are questions that ask about your citizenship status. There is a question that asks if you’re a “fugitive of justice”. Another question asks, “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any other depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?” There is also a question that asks if you have ever been adjudicated mentally defective? . A little known fact is that in order to buy a gun just check “No” on those boxes, and you will get approved. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms do not have enough resources to check all the backgrounds of gun owners. There are 330,000,000 Americans in this Country, and there are over 300,000,000 guns. Now, you can see why.

It is very easy to blame the republicans and the N.R.A. for the gun culture in this Country, but I blame it squarely on the democrats. Surely, the republicans are dicks. But, the democrats are pussies. Democrats can’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag. The republicans bring up the four deaths in Benghazi, and the democrats are too chicken shit to bring up the 3,000 deaths on 9/11. The republicans question Obama’s birth certificate and the democrats can’t bring up the paternity of Sarah Palin’s baby. The republicans go on and on and on and on over the early failure of the healthcare.gov website and democrats don’t have the balls to link it to the Government shutdown. Republicans bring up the systemic failure of the V.A., but not one democrat feels the need to remind “we the people” of why….REPUBLICANS START WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With every mass shooting there is renewed talk about background checks and mental health. However, have you noticed that the democrats have become silent, as of late? Of course they are silent. It’s an election year. Wanna know why they don’t talk about it? They don’t talk about it because democrats are too pussy to vote. However, all you have to say to a republican to turn out and vote is that Obama is going to take away your guns. In fact, Obama and the democrats have been the best thing to the gun nuts. Gun sales, in this Country, have shot up 750% year after year for the past 5 years…and counting.

One thing that I can say for certainty is that there will be more mass shootings in this Country. It is very easy not to care because none of us think that we will be next. The six victims of the last shooting didn’t think they would ever be affected. The twenty children, and six adults in Newtown never thought they would be affected. The ten people in Wisconsin never thought they would be affected. The seventy people in Aurora, Co never thought they would be affected. The nine people at a hair salon in California never thought that they would be affected. The nineteen people in Tucson, Arizona never thought that they would be affected. Eleven people at a Hartford beer distributor never thought that they would be affected. The eighteen people in Binghamton, NY never thought that they would be affected. The forty-three people in Ft. Hood, Texas never thought that they would be affected. The seven people at Atlantis Plastics in Henderson, Kentucky never thought that they would be affected. The twenty-seven people at Northern Illinois University never thought that they would be affected. The thirteen people shopping at Westroads Mall in Omaha never thought that they would be affected. The fifty-six people on the campus of Virginia Tech didn’t think that they would be affected.

Surely I would like to think that just one of the victims of these senseless tragedies would be more powerful than the N.R.A., and surely I would like to believe that there is a political party in this Country that would stand up and fight for some common sense gun regulation, but as long as the republicans continue to act like dicks and the democrats continue to act like a bunch of pussies “we the people” will continue to get fucked.

If you’re someone who thinks that voting doesn’t make a difference; you’re a pussy.

Ground Control To Major Tom

The owner of the Los Angeles Clippers goes on a racist rant about his hatred for black people and Americans are outraged. Really? Have we, as a Nation, become sensitive to race? Are we living in a post-racial society that feels the need to remedy his actions by making him sell his NBA team? Is the message we’re sending that we are all better than him? Despite what many Americans might think about California and Los Angeles…this place isn’t as “liberal” as one might assume.

Los Angeles is one of the most racially segregated cities in the Country. Black neighborhoods are black. Hispanic neighborhoods are Hispanic. Armenian neighborhoods are Armenian. Jewish neighborhoods are Jewish. White neighborhoods are white. This is not a fact of happenstance. Also not a certain fact of happenstance is the condition of these neighborhoods. White neighborhoods are always clean and always expensive to live. So, where’s the liberal outrage? The only other city that equals Los Angeles is New York City. There are liberals in New York, as well as many liberals in Los Angeles. There are also conservatives in Los Angeles, as well as New York City. The one thing that liberals in both cities share in common is that they don’t want black people to live in their neighborhoods. In fact, the average white liberal would never entertain the notion of dating a person outside of their race. This isn’t something that is exclusive to whites. Here in California, Mexicans date other Mexicans. Blacks date other blacks. Armenians date other Armenians. Jewish people date other Jewish people.

I’m looking for love. I have scoured the online dating scene, and as a black guy I have a propensity for white women. I can’t begin to tell you the number of white women that feel the need to include in their online dating bio’s, “I DON’T DATE BLACK MEN”. How should the people in this nation deal with this? Should they hold these women accountable for their actions by making them sell their cars, homes and/or businesses?

I don’t think so.

The thing about this whole Donald Sterling rant that really pisses me off is that he was recorded in a private conversation, in his own home, by a person who he lavished with millions of dollars…a person who is half black/half Mexican. What the fuuuuuuuu? As deplorable as what he said, is it any different from what any one of us have said in our homes? You mean to tell me that you didn’t come home from work one day really pissed off about something that happened, and you felt the need to vent to your significant other?

I know it sounds funny, but modern day politics is the same as it was in the sixties and seventies. Blacks are still fighting for equality. Women are still fighting for equality. Gays are still fighting for equality.

The majority of people in this Country, the Country that I love, feel their place slipping. The gap between the middle class and the very wealthy is growing. Instead of being outraged, we become silent and silence leads to bitter anger and resentment. A bitter and angry American can see a Hispanic in the workplace and immediately label them as an illegal. A bitter and Angry American can see a black person walking down the street wearing a hoodie and immediately label them as a thug.

I can’t begin to tell you how many bosses I had that had very racist views. I have heard my former bosses say, “I’m never going to vote for that nigger” when it came to Barack Obama. These words sickened me. These words made me feel a pit in my stomach for a person that I used to hold in high regard. More importantly, it made me question who I was for previously making a good judgement about them. But sadly, that is life. There are racists all around us.

If we truly want to live in a “post-racial society” then we need to drop the many institutional barriers that impede us. However, I don’t think that will ever happen. Americans are cemented in their thinking. The most dangerous American is the one who has achieved a certain level of success. They are dangerous because they forget how many people helped them along their way. They look around their neighborhood, and all they see are faces just like their own. In the end, they attribute their success to everything that they did, ignoring all the hard work from the people who do the work for them. Ignoring all the Government infrastructure available to make it easier fort their customers to access their business. In the end, they are the makers and everyone else is a taker. So sad…so sad.

I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t live on Earth, for I am “…floating round my tin can far above the Moon. Planet Earth is blue And there’s nothing I can do.”

Live From New York It’s White People Live

It’s nine o’clock on a Sunday morning and I wish I had a crazy tale to tell about my Saturday Night. However, I didn’t do anything remotely interesting. I tried to stay up to watch “Saturday Night Live”, but I fell asleep at nine o’clock. I don’t know why I watch “Saturday Night Live”. The sketches are juvenile. The show isn’t that funny, and the cast is meh. This wasn’t always the case, though. Back in the 80’s the show was actually worth staying up for.

We all have our favorite comics, and no one was funnier to me than Eddie Murphy. His impersonations were so funny. He was so funny. He just had that face that made you laugh…even if he didn’t say anything funny. Chris Rock is another favorite comic of mine, and he got his start through Saturday Night Live. The sketches on the show kept pushing the envelope. In particular, there was the sketch with Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor in which Chevy Chase used the “N word”.

“Saturday Night Live” has a very high turnover rate in their comedians. Some have made it to superstar status while many others into obscurity. However, one thing is for sure, every black comedian that had their start on “Saturday Night Live” have all made it big. Garrett Morris, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Tim Meadows and Traci Morgan have all made it to the big screen. They have all had their television, movie or cable television deals. In all of Saturday Night Live’s 38 year history there has only been two black women comedians to be on the show–Ellen Cleghorne and Mya Rudolph. We all know who Mya is, but who is Ellen?

This is such a problem with “Saturday Night Live” that they even felt the need to address the problem when Kerry Washington hosted two weeks ago. Jay Pharoah is the new rising star on “Saturday Night Live”. He has the potential to be the next Eddie Murphy, but only if the corporate puppet masters at NBC allow him to grow. He President Obama impression is decent, but considering the last guy on the show that did it it should be upgraded to superb. I mean, a white guy playing president Obama? puh-leaze

So, my question is why is this happening? Perhaps it is the executives at NBC that don’t want to create another successful black comedian? I mean, the more successful black comedians out in the market will put the white comedians out of a job? Not really. It’s not like whites have this incredible urge to support a black comedian in the comedy clubs.

I hope there will come a time when we have an anti-Saturday Night Live much akin to the 90’s sketch show comedy “In living Color”. There was a predominately black cast, but more importantly they were all funny. And they all went on to bigger and better things. Keenan Ivory Wayans along with his brothers Damon and Marlon went on to the big screen. Jennifer Lopez launched into super-stardom, even though she was only a dancer that appeared on the show for 4 or 5 seconds at a time. Tommy Davidson went on to bigger and better things. David Alan Grier went on to bigger things. Jamie Fox, well…you know how great his career took off. One of the white guys on the show…Jim Carey…yeah, we all know how great his career turned out.

I often question just how liberal studio executives are. A liberal is supposed to be color-blind. A liberal is supposed to give a person a job based on their talent and/or experience. I’m not advocating that “Saturday Night Live” should go out and hire all the black people they can find. I just want the producers of “Saturday Night Live” to not be so color blind. And for those who think that “black” doesn’t sell it is worth noting that “Best Man Holiday” topped the box office this weekend.

Someday, just some day, we shall overcome.