Big Government Versus Small Government

Do you see the elephant in the room? You have to see the elephant in the room, right? I mean, if you can’t see it you have to be able to at least feel it. The republican party prides itself in telling their constituency that “big Government” is wrong. However, they are the biggest advocates of big Government, and that is the elephant in the room.

The republicans have been attacking the president for not doing enough to maximize employment. They have been attaching the slow economic growth around his neck. They have also been obstructing him, every step of the way, so he wouldn’t get reelected. They argue that Mitt Romney would better serve the people and the economy. They argue that Mitt Romney would create more jobs, even though he outsourced thousands of jobs in his capacity as head of Bain Capital. With that said, what is the role of the private sector?

In 2008, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, said that Government has never created a single job. Four years later they are espousing the complete opposite. They believe that it is the job of the president to create jobs. Even though President Obama’s stimulus plan created 4.5 million jobs, that is not good enough for them. Following the logic, that means that republicans believe in big Government. But what about the private sector?

What is the role of the private sector? The republicans brag that the private sector is the engine of job creation. Once again, following the logic, who is to blame for the dismal employment numbers? President Obama? Shouldn’t the dismal numbers be attributed to the private sector? The private sector is the engine of job creation, right?

And that is the elephant in the room…

The republicans can’t attack the private sector for the dismal economy, because they are owned by the private sector. So, they have to attack the president. The president can’t attack the private sector, because he will lose their money (in the form of campaign contributions and votes). So it’s left to the job of the media. Any half-intelligent “journalist” should be able to bring this fact to the politicians that attack the president for the economy. The easiest question that should be asked is, “Why is it fair to attack the president and leaders in Congress for the lack of jobs when you believe the private sector is responsible for jobs? Isn’t the private sector to blame?”

There goes that elephant again.

It serves as an important reminder that the media is corporate. They generate revenue, in the form of advertising, from the private sector. God forbid that they actually do their job; private sector companies will pull their ads, and the media outlet sees a shrink in revenue. And you wonder why highly informed people turn to outlets such as NPR or CSPAN? For the most of us, we are left with Dogma.

I am just completely amazed that people don’t get this simple fact. I am completely amazed that liberals don’t get this fact. Every time a conservative pins the “big Government” label on a liberal–they run away. Liberals retreat to the “sensible Government” idea. Pussies!!

What is wrong with big Government? Why must we run away from that idea? The republicans are practically embracing the idea without the people even knowing it. We live in a post 9/11 America. All of the policies in effect right now are very big Government policies. These policies were enacted by President George W. Bush as a direct result of the failure of small Government principles pre 9/11. The policies in place were designed to keep the people in this nation safer. We can disagree on many of the key pieces, but the fact is that it’s the republicans that increased Government by 40%. The fact is that the democrat, Barack Obama, is continuing those very same policies. Also a fact is that we haven’t been attacked in 11 years. That is big Government at work.

Small Government is a myth, and The United States of America was not created on a premise of a myth. We are a nation of laws that are argued, legislated, drafted, signed into law, adopted and enforced by officials in the Government. We all hate speed limits, but we value life. Imagine a Country without speed limits. Imagine a Country without traffic lights. Imagine a Country that accepted lawlessness on behalf of the most truly vile, despicable, creatures of society. We build prisons to house those people, and we even are allowed to execute the ones who commit the ultimate sin–murder. We also provide education to people in the hopes that it will lead to a productive society. What is wrong with that? That doesn’t sound like small Government to me? In fact, we provide access to education to the criminals serving time in prison. We also provide three meals, provided by the taxpayer.

And you have a problem with welfare and food stamp recipients? Bitch please

I was inspired to write this piece when I heard of the death of Neil Armstrong. Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon was the direct result of John F. Kennedy’s big Government dream. It was a dream to go to the moon and back safely. Although President Kennedy wasn’t alive at the time of the moon landing, it was mission accomplished, Mr. President. Neil Armstrong didn’t seek the limelight. All of the heroes of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programs never railed against the Government for creating this massive experiment. They were working hard to make sure we beat the Soviets. At one point, we were number one. They didn’t seek a spot on a Wheaties box. They didn’t try to get a sneaker endorsement. They served the Government and they left. Many of these heroes were republicans, and I’m sure that they wouldn’t knock down the big Government dream of interstellar space travel. People of Neil Armstrong’s age are referred to as “the silent generation”. I consider them to be members of the greatest generation. What is the generation that we have now?