It’s About Loyalty, Stupid

In the beginning, we are all put on this Earth with zero intentions, zero goals, zero aspirations and over time we are molded and sculpted into who we want to be and what we want to do.  It is part nature and part nurture.  It is through the bonding we have in friendships that we develop in high school, college and the workplace that make us what we are.  Hopefully, through the process, we have been guided by our parents in life lessons of what is wrong and what is right.  Many people can tell us what is right and what is wrong, but it is up to all of us to decide for ourselves.  That’s why, as humans, we make so many mistakes.  Making mistakes are all a part of life, and mistakes are designed to teach us the lessons of living.  It’s one thing to make mistakes, but it is an entirely other thing to not learn from them.  

One of the first mistakes we make in life is through our developed friendships.  At some point in time we choose to develop friendships with people who make our lives…well, miserable.  For some people, seeing the actions of their consequences are not feasible..  It’s life in the fast lane. However, some people make friends for life.  They are with each other for every life event.  They attend each others weddings.  They participate, all along the way, in births, graduations, promotions.  We bond through break-ups, divorce and new relationships.  We look to each other for advice.  Each moment in time there is a level of trust that grows into loyalty.  Most people have a sense of loyalty to their family.  I mean, if you’re a person that hasn’t talked to your sister for two years and found out that she was in an abusive relationship it’s pretty safe to say that you will move Heaven and Earth for her, right?

Loyalty isn’t exclusive to just friends and family.  We value loyalty when it comes to the workplace, or we used to.  Decades ago it was common to graduate High School, get a job and remain in that same job until retirement.  My how times have changed.  Companies today don’t care that you’re 59 years old, with a mortgage, two kids in college and one week before Christmas.  When they want to get rid of you they will get rid of you, and they won’t even give you a watch.  As a liberal, this is something that infuriates me.  We’re supposed to be living in the greatest country in the world, but we sure don’t treat our citizens as such.  Our children are receiving the poorest education of any other industrialized nation.  We are forced to live in an environment that allows our roads to crumble, oil pipelines to spring leaks, Wall Street to run around reckless with our pension accounts.  Washington has their loyalties.

Once again, I am a political liberal.  As a liberal, I have a loyalty to the democratic party.  However, if a democrat caves in like a spineless pussy on an issue I’m passionate about my loyalty will be broken.  That doesn’t mean I’ll vote for a republican…I will just not vote.  I believe in marriage equality, civil rights, income equality, equal pay for equal work, sensible gun control and I want to know that the people in my political party share the same values.

As a political liberal, I always seek a cable news outlet that shares my same values.  For a while, I was loyal to MSNBC.  I used to think Olbermann was a God.  I used to love watching David Shuster rip into republicans when they were trying to get away with just another talking point.  I used to just stare into Contessa Brewers eyes, and wondered what it would be like for her husband being married to the most beautiful woman in the world.  I used to tune in to Chris Matthews to see if he had that tingle up his leg.  This was at a time of the birth of Twitter.  The only two journalists that embraced Twitter was Rick Sanchez from CNN and David Shuster from MSNBC, and they engaged their viewers through the social media site.  They did it at a time when many of the mainstream media shunned it.  I developed many friendships with other liberals who shared many of my same interests.  It was a great time to be alive.  Then, Rachel Maddow arrived and the tensions became present–at least to me.  Olbermann was no longer a God.  He became ravished with ego.  David Shuster was let go.  Contessa just disappeared.  They hired a lesser known Ed Shultz.  MSNBC saw the success in Maddow and tried to mold and sculpt other talent.  However, rather than realizing that Maddow was an exception that couldn’t be molded or sculpted into other on-air talent they tried anyway.  MSNBC is willing to give anyone a show now, and it’s very easy to see who will get their own show.  It usually goes to the person who appears on-air the most.  They even give shows to people who are lousy with reading teleprompters.  People like Al Sharpton, Andrea Mitchell, Richard Wolffe and Michael Eric Dyson.  They always have that one guest that just pisses me the fuck off.  Ron Christie is a perfect example.  MSNBC is just not informative enough for me.  They have too many contributors who work for the beltway newspapers, but liberals seem to suck it up.  They love Chris Hayes, even though he’s losing in the ratings to Nancy Grace.  Yes, Nancy Grace.

In a way, I wish I was a conservative.  Conservatives have the joy of watching FOX News.  FOX news is very loyal to their viewers.  They give them everything they want, and the ratings prove it.  The line-up of “talent” has been consistent. The women are so amazingly hot, and it’s alright to put it on muted while vacuuming the house, because they have the sexiest legs and hair and eyes and teeth.  

All I see on MSNBC are people with the sole goal of creating a platform to sell more books, sell more newspapers, increase views to their blogs and nothing to satisfy my appetite for knowledge…and nothing to address climate change, equality, income equality.  All I see is lip service, and for that they do not get me loyalty.


Just a little something I thought you should know

Of all the 50 States in the Union what, in your opinion, is the most liberal State? California? Again, of all the States in the Union what is the most conservative? Mississippi? Utah? Wyoming? I ask this because I’m trying to understand the definition of the two ideals. For far too long, conservatives have painted the word “liberal” as this evil thing. The antithesis of a great society where equality and a level playing field trumps all. Liberalism is the utopia of radical socialism. However, we are already living in a fairly socialistic society. A socialistic society that many people like. Programs such as Social Security, Medicare and the progressive tax system are things that a vast majority of Americans enjoy. We pay taxes, and that many is redistributed to things this Nation needs to survive. However, we live in a society where everyone has this notion that they pay their fair share of taxes. Millionaires and billionaires think that they pay more than their share. People making $35,000 a year think they pay their fair share. Sadly, they are both wrong. No one in this Country pays their fair share, and who wants to?

I live in California, and if you were the ones that thought this State is a liberal State…you’re sadly wrong. California is the most segregated State in the Union. Don’t believe me? I dare anyone to come out here and spend 6 months living in Southern California. This State is faced with a twenty-six billion dollar budget deficit. This has been going on year after year with both Democrat and Republican Governor’s. The Governor, Jerry Brown (D), has put a major tax increase on the November ballot. If the tax increases don’t pass he has threatened to cut education spending by eighteen billion dollars. The problem with his plan is that he’s not being honest with the people of California. Conservatives say that the budget deficit is largely to do with illegals. The liberals say it has to do with lack of taxation. The liberals are partly right. The budget deficit problem in California has to do with the fact that most of the major corporations don’t pay taxes.

California has a law that allows big corporations to be exempt from paying State taxes. However, they are allowed to take and keep the State taxes from their employees pay checks every week. They pocket the money, and at the end of the year when the employee files their taxes they receive a refund that the State is responsible for. That is the form of bad socialism. However, it is a conservative idea. They use Government as a piggy bank.

I spent the first 38 years of my life living in the State of Rhode Island. The one thing that I took for granted was the diversity. There were Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians all living together in harmony. And it didn’t matter what neighborhood or town you were in. All the races were reflected. California stands as a dark contrast. I remember when I first came here to California. I wrote a piece for The Examiner and I referred to California as being ethnically diverse. I had a conservative slam me for that observation. Six months after he made that comment I realized, sadly, that he was right. I was blinded because I lived in Santa Monica. The majority population in Santa Monica is Caucasian. Once in a while, an African-American or Hispanic can be seen. However, Santa Monica is mostly white. Santa Monica’s neighboring city, Venice Beach, has it’s mix. However, that is if you add the homeless population. Twenty miles to the North there is the San Fernando Valley. This is an area that has an eighty-percent Hispanic population. Over to the East, in East Los Angeles, there is another eighty percent of Hispanics that occupy that small piece of real estate. However, to the South, there is South/South Central Los Angeles that has an eighty percent African-American population. Most of the manufacturing jobs in Southern California are located in the San Fernando Valley, and a majority of employees are low-paid Hispanic workers. Just to put this in perspective, the average median salary of a machinist is $46,000 a year. However, employers are allowed to pay Hispanic workers an average of $24,000 a year–$30,000 a year with overtime. This is a serious problem that is not being addressed.

Liberals sure talk a good game about fairness and opportunity. Does this sound like a liberal State to you?

In the words of Samuel L. Jackson, “Wake the fuck up”

Big Government Versus Small Government

Do you see the elephant in the room? You have to see the elephant in the room, right? I mean, if you can’t see it you have to be able to at least feel it. The republican party prides itself in telling their constituency that “big Government” is wrong. However, they are the biggest advocates of big Government, and that is the elephant in the room.

The republicans have been attacking the president for not doing enough to maximize employment. They have been attaching the slow economic growth around his neck. They have also been obstructing him, every step of the way, so he wouldn’t get reelected. They argue that Mitt Romney would better serve the people and the economy. They argue that Mitt Romney would create more jobs, even though he outsourced thousands of jobs in his capacity as head of Bain Capital. With that said, what is the role of the private sector?

In 2008, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, said that Government has never created a single job. Four years later they are espousing the complete opposite. They believe that it is the job of the president to create jobs. Even though President Obama’s stimulus plan created 4.5 million jobs, that is not good enough for them. Following the logic, that means that republicans believe in big Government. But what about the private sector?

What is the role of the private sector? The republicans brag that the private sector is the engine of job creation. Once again, following the logic, who is to blame for the dismal employment numbers? President Obama? Shouldn’t the dismal numbers be attributed to the private sector? The private sector is the engine of job creation, right?

And that is the elephant in the room…

The republicans can’t attack the private sector for the dismal economy, because they are owned by the private sector. So, they have to attack the president. The president can’t attack the private sector, because he will lose their money (in the form of campaign contributions and votes). So it’s left to the job of the media. Any half-intelligent “journalist” should be able to bring this fact to the politicians that attack the president for the economy. The easiest question that should be asked is, “Why is it fair to attack the president and leaders in Congress for the lack of jobs when you believe the private sector is responsible for jobs? Isn’t the private sector to blame?”

There goes that elephant again.

It serves as an important reminder that the media is corporate. They generate revenue, in the form of advertising, from the private sector. God forbid that they actually do their job; private sector companies will pull their ads, and the media outlet sees a shrink in revenue. And you wonder why highly informed people turn to outlets such as NPR or CSPAN? For the most of us, we are left with Dogma.

I am just completely amazed that people don’t get this simple fact. I am completely amazed that liberals don’t get this fact. Every time a conservative pins the “big Government” label on a liberal–they run away. Liberals retreat to the “sensible Government” idea. Pussies!!

What is wrong with big Government? Why must we run away from that idea? The republicans are practically embracing the idea without the people even knowing it. We live in a post 9/11 America. All of the policies in effect right now are very big Government policies. These policies were enacted by President George W. Bush as a direct result of the failure of small Government principles pre 9/11. The policies in place were designed to keep the people in this nation safer. We can disagree on many of the key pieces, but the fact is that it’s the republicans that increased Government by 40%. The fact is that the democrat, Barack Obama, is continuing those very same policies. Also a fact is that we haven’t been attacked in 11 years. That is big Government at work.

Small Government is a myth, and The United States of America was not created on a premise of a myth. We are a nation of laws that are argued, legislated, drafted, signed into law, adopted and enforced by officials in the Government. We all hate speed limits, but we value life. Imagine a Country without speed limits. Imagine a Country without traffic lights. Imagine a Country that accepted lawlessness on behalf of the most truly vile, despicable, creatures of society. We build prisons to house those people, and we even are allowed to execute the ones who commit the ultimate sin–murder. We also provide education to people in the hopes that it will lead to a productive society. What is wrong with that? That doesn’t sound like small Government to me? In fact, we provide access to education to the criminals serving time in prison. We also provide three meals, provided by the taxpayer.

And you have a problem with welfare and food stamp recipients? Bitch please

I was inspired to write this piece when I heard of the death of Neil Armstrong. Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon was the direct result of John F. Kennedy’s big Government dream. It was a dream to go to the moon and back safely. Although President Kennedy wasn’t alive at the time of the moon landing, it was mission accomplished, Mr. President. Neil Armstrong didn’t seek the limelight. All of the heroes of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programs never railed against the Government for creating this massive experiment. They were working hard to make sure we beat the Soviets. At one point, we were number one. They didn’t seek a spot on a Wheaties box. They didn’t try to get a sneaker endorsement. They served the Government and they left. Many of these heroes were republicans, and I’m sure that they wouldn’t knock down the big Government dream of interstellar space travel. People of Neil Armstrong’s age are referred to as “the silent generation”. I consider them to be members of the greatest generation. What is the generation that we have now?

This is the real message of Occupy Wall Street

In 1906, Upton Sinclair wrote a book. The name of the book was titled “The Jungle“. When he set out on the journey to write the book he wanted it to portray the story of the immigrant. However, when the people read it they focused more on the corruption of the meat-packing industry’s use of cheap immigrant labor. Upton Sinclair was able to paint a clear–and harsh–picture into the readers heads about the harsh working conditions and the disparity of the workers vs. the people in power. The people in his book were categorized as the “haves and the have not’s“. The book opened a Pandora’s Box. A Pandora’s Box that President Teddy Roosevelt help shut. President Roosevelt, a republican, helped enact a whole new set of workplace laws that benefited workers. He made it illegal for very small minor children to work. He also started the ball on creating–what we know today as–The U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The irony, in all this, is that Teddy Roosevelt considered Upton Sinclair a complete idiot. So, President Roosevelt sent one of his trusted friends to investigate Sinclair’s claims that he made in the book. To much of Roosevelt’s dismay, they were supported by his trusted friend, Charles P. Neil.

In 2011, much of this is still going on.

I have a friend who is a legal immigrant, and he works in the aerospace field. He assembles aircraft seats for a relatively small company located in the San Fernando Valley in California. He is a very hard worker who makes $8.24 an hour. He makes $8.24 an hour with four mouths to feed. He works all the overtime he can, and is forced to turn to the Government for his health care and food stamp benefits. In contrast, the receptionist–who has no direct profit-making function with the company–makes $15.00 an hour. My friend, Pablo, has worked for this company for over 10 years. He has worked for the last 4 years without a raise. He’s not asking for much. I asked him if he gets angry about the income inequality. He simply smiles and says that God will guide him. He has three more years to qualify for Social Security retirement benefits. He has worked in this Country for 25 years, and he qualifies to make $600 a month. The first thought in my head is how is it humanly possible to survive on $600 a month? Especially with a family of four. When I asked him about this he said that he is going back to his native Mexico. He can live like a King with $600 a month.

Is this what we have become? We are supposed to live in the greatest Country in the World, and this is it? Whatever happened to the notion that anybody can come here with a dream and make it?

The Occupy Wall Street movement consists of the 99% of the people in this Country who have had it and we are not going to take it anymore. The message is simple, but it’s hard for the media to grasp the message due to the fact that they are controlled by the 1%. That is much of the way that our Government is controlled by the 1%. We are sick of it, and we’re not going to take it anymore. If that means that we are going to get arrested to get our point across then we will. As this movement grows and grows just think of the people who have been arrested, beaten, trampled on and pepper-sprayed. While you’re still thinking just give me the names of five Wall Street fat-cats that have been arrested for bringing down the American Economy. I can give you the names of countless thousands of people who have lost their homes, their jobs, their lives to this mess and not one person who is responsible for this arrested.

What if you’re one of the people who works for a company that has shed half its workforce, and you’re one of those employees that have seen your workload grow, overtime grow and pay freeze. You’re constantly being told that you can’t get a raise because of the bad economy. And as you make it out to the parking lot to get in your car you quickly notice that all the people who are telling you they can’t give you a raise because of the “bad economy” are all driving around $60,000+ cars. Isn’t this amazing? But, you’re only one voice and that is exactly why the Occupy movement is so important. The movement is made up of millions of people who all had that one voice. For so many years their voice was muted, and now it is amplified. So, it is of no surprise that people want to quickly mute them.

The elected politicians who are opposed to the movement are, in fact, part of the 1%. The elected politicians who are in favor of the movement are, in fact, part of the 1%. They are both, in fact, in charge of enforcing the movement by the police officers charged with the fact of enforcing it. The brutal enforcement of this movement will, in fact, lead to a revolution. And that is the real message of The Occupy Wall Street movement–a revolution. However, this revolution will be televised in full display for the people and by the people. We will not be ignored, and we will make a difference. We are strong. We are bold. We will fight, and we are not going to take it anymore.

A liberal’s perspective to following politics in the 21st Century

Many who follow politics know that it requires strong passion, deep beliefs and a conviction that your party is better than the opposition.  Followers must arm themselves with knowledge. “Knowledge is power” and it is the person with power who can control the message.  However, it is also clear, the party in power usually does not do an effective job when it comes to governing.  The Republicans, party of fiscal responsibility and less Government, managed to waste a 2 trillion dollar budget surplus, spend 1 trillion dollars on two wars, increased the Government by 40% creating Dept. of Homeland Security, increased the national debt from 4.7 Trillion dollars to 12 trillion dollars, passed a whopping 700 Billion dollar bail-out to Wall Street banks and dropping the economy into a state of free fall that is still ongoing.

The Democrats have been to blame for actions taken to get this Country’s economy and high unemployment back to “pre Bush years”.  Many Economist’s believe that the Government must spend money to get the economy “out of the ditch”.  It is this spending that the opposition party is crying foul on.  Using rhetoric such as, “deficit spending that is going on, in the Government, will be passed on to our children and to our grandchildren” This rhetoric has fallen on deaf  ears.  For it was them, that spent with reckless abandonment.

Japan, in the nineties, went through a similar recession.  Analyst’s refer to this period as,  “The Lost Decade”.  A recent report that came out, the other day, states that The United States Economy had 0% gain from the period of 1999-2009.  This statistic is staggering and it speaks volumes to the leadership that was present, for it was President Bush behind the wheel.  His argument supporting tax cuts for the rich was, and has been proven  an utter failure!!  Of course, Republicans will try to spin this and make  blame to President Bill Clinton.  In their eyes, it was all his fault.

The terror attacks on September 11–Clinton’s fault.

The recession–“What recession”.

The stock market tumble–Clinton’s fault.

The hatred that the rest of the world has for America–Reagan was great!

Too many progressives nothing is more frustrating than trying to deal with people who lack the cognitive and reasoning skills needed to make the American political system the greatest in the world.  Humans are one of only a few select species on Earth who have these skills, but it is the “right-wing” Republicans that choose to ignore these God-given skills and hold on to ideas that shape their beliefs.  The “right-wing” will resort to name calling, race baiting, illogical thought and reasoning to try to get their point across.  It is pretty sad when a person chooses to ignore fact, on the side of fiction.

But, the fight must go on and the message has to be clear.  Refusing to argue on the basis of fact will hurt the future fabric of this Country.  The show must go on

Obama: The Centrist

Ever since taking office, nearly one year ago, President Obama has had the daunting task of dealing with the problems that President Bush and the Republicans left this great nation.  Problems with the economyunemployment, the “war on terror“, big bank bailouts, and the politically divisive environment brought on by Karl Rove.  He has had allies and foes along the way.  Some of his allies have been conservatives and some of his foes have been liberals.  New York Times columnist,David Brooks has had times when he has agreed with the President.  Also, Wall Street Journal columnistPeggy Noonan has found numerous things to agree with the President.  It has mostly been on his style, however there is agreement.

When the debate on the economic stimulus bill was taking place in the House of Representatives and The Senate–there appeared to be a debate between liberals and conservatives over the price tag of the bill.  Liberals wanted to ditch the tax cuts that conservatives wanted for more infrastructure spending.

Conservatives countered by saying that the Government should only spend money on “shovel ready projects”.  Democrats went out of their way to cater to the Republicans and in the end did not received only 2 votes.  Critics on the left felt the bill did not go far enough to create the millions of jobs that are needed to get this Country “out of the ditch”.  One economist, Paul Krugman, who happens to be a winner of the Nobel Prize in economics, was one of the president’s critics.  Paul Krugman wrote an op-ed in The New York Times on November 10, 2008 predicting that “…Obama people might be thinking too small on stimulus.”

Krugman further went on to cite Okun’s law and all the “drib drab” economist jargon that confuses many people, myself included.  The one person that wasn’t listening was President Obama and members of Congress.  The main reason they were not listening is because Krugman is a noted liberal.  Members of the Obama Administration sought economic endorsement from John McCain‘s economist, Mark Zandi.  Zandi also serves as the Chief Economist and co-founder of Moody’s

President Obama has made health care his top priority.  He has had to do this with zero Republican support.  He has also had to do this with all the political infighting among Democrats, specifically the “Blue Dog’s”.  Liberals are angry over the omittance of the “public option” in the health care bill in The senate.  They are also angry at Senator Joe Lieberman for killing the “public option” compromise (medicare buy in for 55-64 yr olds) that he supported in September of 2009.

Liberals are also angry at President Obama for not tackling the military’s policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell”.  They are also angry at the President’s support of The Defense of Marriage Act.  This act denies the rights of gays to get married.  His critics feel he has been silent on this issue.  Gay marriage advocates have had massive defeats this year and last.  Defeats in California, New York and more recently in New Jersey have made it clear that equality for gay’s is a hot button issue that the Democrat’s do not want to face going into the mid year of 2010 elections.  They are haunted by the massacre of 1994 when 54 Democrats lost their house seats to Republicans making Rep. Newt Gingrich Speaker of The House of Representatives.

People who fall on the right of the political spectrum who have called President Obama a socialist, marxist, fascist, communist and to the liberals who criticize the President for not exercising leadership the way that L.B.J. did in the sixties fighting for Medicare and civil rights should see that these dissents translate into a President steering this Country right down the middle of the road. And, if the Republican’s continue to stand in his way he won’t think twice of running them down.

Fux News

For the love of God stop trying to masquerade as a legitimate, fair and balanced news organization. You are not! Your viewers are sycophants and that is why you suck.


Enough with the Obama/ Hitler comparisons. Hitler incinerated over 11 million Jews and Obama is working on health care for all Americans.


By the way, Hitler hated black people.


You pride yourselves as the fair and balanced network, however running 7,000 stories about A.C.O.R.N. Is so far from it. I also love all the hot women on your network, but why are they dumber than dog shit?


Oh yeah, it’s because they are reformed porn stars that spent a majority of their lives on their backs screaming, “Oh yeah, give me that big fat dick big daddy”. My, you have come a long way baby.


I have to admit that they are hot, but so is that whore of a V.P. Candidate Sarah Palin. I wouldn’t vote for Palin and I will never watch Fox News, but I will bang the hell out of all those babes. That is what Jesus would want me to do.


For the people that watch Fox I have a message for you. YOU ARE FUCKING MORONS. It is just that simple, and don’t tell me you just watch Glenn Beck because you’re bored. You watch him because you are weak minded, stupid and scared.




You are scared to exercise your mind by reading a book, so you decide to watch that train wreck of a network. You guys really need to get a life. Act like a liberal and go out and get laid!!


Liberals are so much better in the sack than you fucking conservatives, and we know how to run a Government. Every thing you guys touch turn to shit, and as usual you get a black guy to clean up your mess.


Don’t worry America, under Obama the Economy will prosper, the stock market will double, unemployment will go down to 3.5%, the budget will be balanced, we will have a surplus, the rich will pay their fair share of taxes, the middle class will be resurrected, 47 million more Americans will have health care and “Fux” News will be asking, “why is Obama always wearing his blue Hermes silk tie? Does he have a problem with red ties? Yellow ties?”